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Thread: Is she into me?

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    Is she into me?

    Hi everyone,

    OK so without going into too much I am not the most confident guy around women. Never have been. My two relationships have been with women I knew as friend prior.

    Recently I've got a new job that has me working late. So on the way home I've been stopping by a local late night store to grab some late night snacks. A woman seems to work the same shift and we chatted friendly as you do. Just recently she's been much more chatty. I was in there a good 30 minutes today talking to her. We talked about Game Of Thrones which I have never watched, and when I said this to her she said "yeah I'm the same. If I don't get into a series I'd just fall asleep beside you." Am I over reading that as something flirtatious?

    Appreciate any tips on this.

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    Seems like it. She could just be nice to everyone, butttttttt I’d go for it man. Better to get rejected than to miss a chance. I find it hardest in these situations as well. Just ask her out ,say what’s your plans for this weekend. If she says she’s free or not much then give her a day you guys should hang out.

    Tbh asking her what her plans are will definitely show her that you interested. If she’s into you she’ll make it easy for you to go out with her. Have confidence.

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    It's just small talk. Ask her out if you are interested in her.
    Originally Posted by Carter33
    Just recently she's been much more chatty. I was in there a good 30 minutes today talking to her.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    You were talking for thirty minutes. In that context, no, I don't think she's being flirty. She may be grammatically/contextually wrong in her speech. Or she's speaking colloquially (more likely case).

    If you think she's friendly and attractive and might be fun to spend time with, treat her like a lady from the start and ask her if she'd like to go out to dinner some time. She'll get the hint pretty fast and you'll have your answer.


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    Does she like you or is it just flirting? The way you find out is by asking her for her number, and seeing how she reacts.

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    I don't think it was meant as flirtatious - but that doesn't really matter. It sounds like she is nice to talk to, and she must have enjoyed talking to you as well if you talked for 30 minutes. Chiming in with others. If you are interested make a step forward, and if she steps up to meet you than you can see where it goes from there. If she isn't interested, that is good to know as well rather than obsessing about it.

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    Platinum Member ThatwasThen's Avatar
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    "You will miss 100% of the shots you never take." ~ Wayne Gretzky

    Ask her out and have the following attitude about it: If she says "no" then it's just a lost opportunity ~ her lost opportunity, certainly not yours. ;)


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