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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    We Deserve Better: Is Transparency the Key to Connections?

    We all have sought out relationships that are meaningful, genuine, and everlasting. It isn’t easy, though, as sometimes these connections can be hurtful, deceptive, and unconstructive. How do we identify broken connections and how can we mend them? The answer, in many cases, is transparency. When two people are open and honest with each other, uncomfortable issues can be discussed properly, leading to a better understanding between the two. We don’t want to be in a relationship where we second guess our partner’s reactions when we try and express our feelings or where we are losing sleep over the immense pressure of anger or disappointment. We feel the piercing pain of disconnection, a sense that we’re on opposite sides and the only thing holding us together is a thin thread of unresolved issues.

    Living a life that is free from the anxieties caused by malicious intent means that we have to learn how to embrace a degree of transparency so that our relationships can grow in a loving and healthy way. We must break away from fear-based connections and take hold of direct communication as a means of establishing an atmosphere of trust. A lack of transparency erodes the bond between two people, whereas when two people are completely open with each other, it creates a more secure connection that is unbreakable. We should consistently strive to check in with our partner and to ask for feedback on how well the two are communicating so that stuck feelings won’t go unaddressed. Conversations will undoubtedly be challenging at times, but those moments of tension can ultimately bring the two people closer together when each is willing to engage in a truthful manner.

    At the core of a relationship is respect and empathy, which can both be expressed through transparency within our interactions. As we take the time to listen, ask questions and explore multiple perspectives, a true understanding of one another can begin to emerge. Share the unspoken moments openly, even if they bring up difficult subjects, and be confident in embracing our values and points of view. When we accomplish this, the feeling of security and trust deepens, resulting in a connection that is constantly evolving.

    It’s important, too, to build your resilience and realize that though some challenges may arise, the key is to remain positive, patient and compassionate. Also be aware that relationships come and go, and that you need to accept that, no matter how hard it might be to let go of attachments. Think about what you can take away from the situation and use it as a growth opportunity to learn more about yourself and your personal boundaries.

    In the end, we mustn’t forget the value of honesty and authenticity on the path to a fulfilling and happy life. Make the decision today to show up with vulnerability and integrity, not just within our romantic relationships, but in all areas of our lives. People who align with our values and understandings create lasting relationships, ones based on truth and where discussions can occur without worrying what consequences may follow. The right kind of connection will unfold when our hearts are wide open and when we invest time into cultivating self-love, understanding, and appreciation.

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