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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Am I Losing Myself?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when you really start to lose yourself. You might feel like you're on autopilot, and your sense of who you were has been lost in the mix. The disconnect between who you are and who you want to be can cause considerable distress. It's easy to get sucked into the roles and labels you are expected to fill by your family and society. But if you find yourself conforming too much, or feeling like these roles are taking over, then it may be time to reassess and reconnect with yourself.

    The emotions associated with losing your identity often come from a place of loneliness, a desire to fit in, or a need for approval. In an attempt to meet these needs, people might start to change conversations, alter their behavior, or present a false image of themselves. Unscrewing the anchors that tether you to these ideas is no easy task. You will undoubtedly be met with resistance, both from yourself and your loved ones. It's natural to feel overwhelmed and tempted to simply give up.

    Symbolically, life can sometimes bring out the clutter at unusual times. Like after a heavy rain, the clouds slip away, and the sun manages to peak through. That same light of clarity can reach us too when we learn how to celebrate our identities. Even if we find ourselves completely off track, no amount of veering off the path can erase who you are as a person. There are still moments where you can find yourself and embrace your true identity, if you're ready to look.

    Irony reveals itself in how you connect to others and how they match you in return. If it's an expected obligation or one-sided desire, it's possible the connection may have run dry. Resolving to take a deep breath and line up your actions against your inner vision may help you to find your footing again.

    Foreshadowing manifests not only through intuition but also through the interactions we have with other people. Whether it's friends or family, you can usually tell when things become stale and robotic. Significant changes in your relationship dynamic or lack of support are warning signs you have detoured from being authentic.

    Metaphors serve as a reminder that you don't have to live within one box forever. Just as the butterfly abandons the chrysalis and discovers its own colorful wings and paths, so too can you move on and discover a more suitable way of being. Relying on old patterns of dependence, comfort, familiarity, or fear will only impede your growth.

    Hyperbole may be used to emphasize how draining this process of rediscovery can be. The idea of abandoning every societal expectation that tethers you to unhelpful thinking can be exhausting. Whether you realize it or not, your future is calling, and you must courageously decide whether to ignore it or answer.

    Alliteration evokes how you might have unwittingly tangled up in someone else's story just to please them instead of living truthfully. Letting go of the expectations and insecurity gives a sense of freedom that can be very unsettling. But it also opens an exciting door to all the opportunities waiting for you beyond the boundaries of familiar behavior and environment.

    Imagery is another way of conveying your feelings when you begin to change. Focusing on visuals, music, poetry and art might motivate you to push forward and find strength in your newfound identity. Onomatopoeia shows how your true voice may be hidden somewhere and is ready to be heard. By breaking free from the story that was never yours to begin with, you offer a more honest and emotionally satisfying answer to the outer world.

    Similes illustrate what it's like to embrace a newfound you. Traveling on an unfamiliar path is like joining a brand new ship in the open seas. For the first time, you gain an opportunity to chart a direction that is entirely of your own making. Losing yourself can be a fraught and confusing experience, leaving you feeling like a stranger in your own life. But by understanding your true needs, values, and identity, you can rekindle a deeper connection with yourself and open yourself up to a new life.

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