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I'm going to quit smoking.

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I've smoked since I was 14. Almost 10 years now. It's a very disgusting habit. And I just found 2 boxes of patches. Step 1 and 2 for the patches, anyone ever tried these? If so, how well did it help?


I've never really tried to quit before, but I REALLY want to quit now, while I'm still young. I've got a pack, and should just throw them away right now and quit NOW, but I'm gonna smoke the rest...and enjoy them


Also for those of you that have kicked the habit, what are some things you did to fight the cravings? Gum, candy, chewing on things? I heard flicking a pen excessively helps lol


I'm also getting myself back into working out daily, hopefully that will help too.


Wish me luck!

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I wish I could just suck it up and go cold turkey. Unfortunately I know I would not stick to it. I tried it last summer, and lasted maybe 8-9 hours, and that was pretty much because I was at work and didn't go outside for my breaks.


I know I COULD go cold turkey, and saying I couldn't just means I have no confidence in myself, so I"ll stick to the not having any confidence in myself lol

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Well, damnit. Now you're all putting the pressure on. I have faith in myself, but I really doubt I can quit cold turkey. I know the patches are still giving you nicotine, but I guess just the fact I wont be actually smoking a pack of day puts my mind at ease a little.


Has anyone out there used the patches at all? lol

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I smoked the last cigarette about 3 days ago - huh, it's quite easy, whenever I think about smoking again, I just imagine all the benefits that I get when I quit - I have problems to walk (I need to rest after 10 minutes walking - already after these 3 days it's getting more easy), try to visualize how your lungs look like when you're smoking (They're all in a mess, they take as much damage as if somebody would put his 'little friend' into gasoline - )

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im too vain to smoke. i would be too be afraid to ruin my good looks. haha.


Smoking does ruin your looks and makes you look old...I work with this lady and she has been smoking since she was in her teens..When you look at her she looks like in her late 50's with wrinks on her face and neck but shes only 36..


I have seen old people cough up blood in nursing homes because of smoking..

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Sometimes I can laught that nobody's able to determine my age right - some people will always look at me as if I'm 26 (Some even guessed that I'm 28 )... That's not because of smoking, but I'm just different...


The worst thing that I've ever seen is that a person who has already his larynx removed, is smoking through a pipe in his neck...

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GQ, how's it going? Just wondering if you went for it?


Gah. I have made an oath to be quit and be done fore my bday. Don't ask when it is!


Anyhow, I have not gone cold turkey! My success has been low on that count. Made the most miles not smoking by tapering down.

So I cut by half. And have been doing fine.


A buddy of mine keeps telling me horror stories about lungs, and I have honestly got to thinking that I might follow through on those stories.

Go to a hospital, go look at some real human black lungs.


Whatever works at this point. I am afraid of cancer but need the point driven home perhaps a little more deeply.


think it'll work?

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wow funny thing i found this post. i've been on and off smoking for a year and a half now. i've quit before started again, quit and started. i want to quit for good and decided to recently again as i have redevoted my life to Christ and find that smoking is very much so holding me back from blessings.

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I quit cold turkey a few times but fell off the wagon. I've never used patches or gum or anything because it was the act of smoking that I missed more than the nicotine. The last time - three years ago and counting - I slowed down gradually, to about 2-3 cigs a day at the end, and then stopped. I don't know whether it was the method that worked best for me, or whether that was just the right time in my life to stop. I have the occasional craving still (ever fewer and further between), but have been able to resist every time.


The thing is, though it would be wonderful if you can quit in one go, most people don't... and if you don't make it, you learn more about the best way for you to quit every time, until you get it right.


Best of luck!!

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ha, Ive tried too. 3 times actually, but fell off the wagon. My longest run was 3 months. I used the patch also--so it does work, you just need the will power to not ever touch a cig again. One cig while out one night was all it took to get me started again.

So--It can be done! Just stick to it, and dont fool yourself by saying a few weeks in "Ah, Ill just have one."

Good luck!

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Considering I'm smoking as I read this...I think I lost.


I'll give it another go in a couple days. The patches I had, unfortunately expired a year ago, I didn't notice this until after 3 hours of wearing it I wanted to smoke more than ever. Not to mention those things made me feel woozy. Yuck.

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