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  1. Ever curious about the OP? Started this epically long thread over a year ago, only has 31 posts and is just a "member". That means he must be doing well i guess. Thanks for this though, I'm sure it's helped people a ton.
  2. Trapped in conformity Trapped in repeat I wake up in habit I strive to complete I saw your glass empty I saw your cup dry I got you a new one to fill up my time You were done long ago You were done long before I knew a year later You knew all along Years later i'm taken Years later i'm broke Again just like you and I Again choked up throat In thought you're deliberate In dreams you're both sparse By myself learning and growing apart I found what i'm good at I see what i've missed I feel what was taken the moment we kissed Never noticed the leaves Never saw outside My eyes so glued on you My hands by your side So much without them So much to see Not always alone but right now i'm free.
  3. I sit with my cup of coffee on my old and sinking couch with my cat at my side and the lights dimmed. It's nighttime and my body is preparing for sleep. I don't want to sleep yet, i just want to enjoy the sinking feeling of my body in the couch, the presence of my friend, and my steaming coffee. I don't think about the stress of life, because im safe here. There is nothing here that can bother me. I'm safe. I don't have to go to the bathroom, and i'm not hungry. My phones are off and it's just me. I'm safe here. My bills can't hurt me, people can't hurt me and i don't have to sit in traffic. I dont' have to smoke, I don't have to drink, I don't have to work, I don't have to do anything. I've forgotten about the liars, the thieves, and the deceivers. I've forgotten about manipulation and all that was done and im embracing something that can't be stolen or lied to. They'll never take this away from me.
  4. The angel stands like a wall Like a rock ten feet tall In the swamp with dirty wings It's where he thrives it's where he sings He landed here to fix my life Tattered and torn filled with strife Before his time i destroyed myself Before there was me there was someone else He has no name he has no eyes he can't be mean he can't tell lies He hates my self hatred and my shame Evil or good his love the same Now i'm free from the chains Now i'm free from the pain His warm embrace made me tear The angel stands with no fear
  5. You pulled up next to me I'm going to work You're going to work We're both going fast and we're both speeding I'll probably never see you again You'll probably never see me If I had a minute of your time I'd say something witty What would I tell you? What would you tell me? Would you want to know i feel like hell today I'd like to know your story if I may I dont' want people who know me to know I'd rather you know, so badly Somehow I think you'd care a lot more The people around have me on ignore You're just a stranger, as am I to you We both have weights we want the other to have I'll take your weight and you take mine My exit's coming, i dont' have much time How do i trust such a stranger and nobody thats close I know what i'd tell you I saw you driving next to me and I fell in love Here's my exit, goodbye, I pray I pass you again, I love you
  6. The ride home from work It seems so pleasant The wind in your hair the driving music, oh so loud Then it hits you! Your stomach gurgles Then it goes away Phew, thank God You're so far from home Traffic stops, must be something ahead It hits you again It doesn't go away this time Don't panic, deep breath Oh no not gonna make it, need a bathroom Please protect me as i weave in and out of traffic I'll get a ticket if i get on the shoulder I don't care, im gonna go for it Speed up the shoulder, pray nobody opens their door Pray theres no police around If they only knew my dilemma Next rest stop one mile ahead Gurgle gurgle gurgle, im not waiting Floor the gas, Oh there it is, THANK YOU Oh no, the reason for this traffic, the guy in the shoulder, stalled gotta get around gotta get around gotta get around ok got around, back to the shoulder ut oh, there's a cop he spotted me, here he comes get a ticket, and go in my pants or make it to the rest stop, go, get a ticket and maybe arrested i'll gun it heres the rest stop run run run to the bathroom theres a line, oh no, oh my God, what am i going to do i can see the policeman outside, he's probing around for my car i've got 30 seconds left to do something or it's gonna get messy look at the men's room, long line, i push through the line, surely all the stalls aren't taken one stall open, yes yes yes, oh my god photo finish oh my god door slams open covered with pee, hair and a foul stench unimaginable run get some towels, wet them, lil soap man runs into my stall SIR SIR SIR SIR, Please sir i really have to go So do i Sir you don't understand, i'll give you money, please let me go how much? Here's ten dollars, please please, let me in, excuse me drop the money on the pee covered floor, umm sorry ........... ten minutes later slooowww down back outside, done, no pressure, feel so much better Oh my God, my CAR! the Cop! what if....... phew, there it is And there's the officer, leaning against my door, sippin coffee Heres your ticket son, you got a bad tail light, get that looked at, hope it all came out ok...
  7. I don't get it, it's hot, and it burns, Why do i keep touching it Each thought is a touch, and it hurts Why do I keep thinking it I feel like I have to touch it and think it Am I a masochist? I wonder if I think the stove will get cooler It never does, so why must i keep touching it? I wonder if my thoughts won't hurt They always do, so why do i keep thinking them? I know better with snow, don't stand in it too long How do i know better with cold? The hot stove is still hot, my though still hurts Can i pretend they're snow? I put all of me into that stove I'm afraid to let go of it. Are you holding on to pain? At least when you touch it you know what to expect right?
  8. My youngest memory was you and mom fighting When did you think it was ok when i was crying Did i have to scream any louder to get you to stop Then you left, then called, and still yet, i sobbed You threatened to leave us and get your own place All i remember was tears on moms face The way you cornered her and made her freak I hate how im like you, i hate when you speak You never taught me the right thing to do You just yelled when i was wrong then yelled at mom too When we lived like slobs i cleaned up the piss my house is clean now, yours i don't miss You blamed my best friend for robbing our house You know he didn't do it, i kept silent like a mouse He was all I had and you took him away Not like I had a real home, just a house to stay Then you sent me away, tough love right God damn you i hate you so much You ruined my life and take no responsibility What the hell did I do to you anyway? You're not even worth this stupid poem anymore Damn you for making me turn out just like you When i hurt myself you blamed me and got mad, what's your damn problem anyway you narcisisstic bastards Can you say sorry just once? Is that too much to f**** ask Why is it my fault?
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