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is my ex feeling funny about me moving on??


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am supposed to be meeting up with my ex on saturday to get something to eat and catch up. for those that dont know, he finished with me and broke my heart due to a big drunken argument 5 weeks ago.

i have done very well with no contact n little contact.. in fact ive even got past feelin like i really want to contact him.. though i still would be happy if he said he wanted me back

i was gonna leave it till wednesday to contact him about meeting up on saturday (in case i decided not 2) but he contacted ME FIRST today askin what is happening saturday.

i left it a while n then mailed back n asked how he is and did he have a nice weekend .. to which he replied

"my weekend was heavy (extremly good) to say the least"

do u think he is trying to make me jealous or wonder what he did??

i jsut replied ... "glad your well....yea i had a wicked weekend aswell actually"


then after a couple more mails about general bits n bobs i told him about how a certian tv channel is interested in me for a presenting job (its not a lie) and im half nervous n half excited about going to see them about it.


to which he replied


cool.gd luck.


n thats all he said n didnt mail again.


if he had told me that his dj-ing is going really well.. and **(insert well known club here)** were interested in giving him some sets as an up-n-coming dj... id say "oh wow, thats excellent, im really happy for you, this is exactly what you wanted".

but as he didnt say anything like that .... im thinking he is jealous that i may be moving on and getting places n leaving him behind. so he cant even say he is happy for me...

also that comment about his weekend- i really think that he is not liking that i seem to be moving on now as i rarely bother with him


what do u think?? or do u think im just reading into it 2 much

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yes, i'm sorry, but i think you're reading too much into it. and i feel comfortable telling you that b/c i've done it time and time again only to feel let down when he really did mean just exaclty what he said...


and besides, if you're going to see him in a few days you can better feel out how things are going at that point. i'd try not to waste too much time and energy dwelling over a simple text msg. conversation where people often write msgs that are more focussed on brevity than context, anyway!


good luck!

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i have done very well with no contact n little contact.. in fact ive even got past feelin like i really want to contact him.. though i still would be happy if he said he wanted me back


Hi Cheekychic


Didn't you post a couple days ago about meeting up with your ex? I'm sorry, I still have the same advice - cancel the meeting.


You did well with your responses but you are trying to get something out of nothing here. You say you don't really feel like contacting him but your actions and words are saying different. You are seeking validation from him. You are seeking his words to complete and fufill your happiness here. You are wanting his reactions to be that of a boyfriend and not of a friend.


I think you are setting yourself up for a lot of hurt here. And an even larger setback in your healing process.

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I have to disagree about canceling the meeting. But I think you should try to stop analysing what he said in a short telephone conversation - that will not serve you.


You should go to the meeting with very low expectations about getting back together and making sure you guard your heart. But there is slight possibility he may be interestied in talking about the relationship again and since you want him back it would not be wise to forgo the opportunity - you would probably be wondering for a long time what might have happened.


If you meet and he is interested then all to the good. But if he is not then you will then know it is truly over and can really start the moving on process without looking back and wondering.

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