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Friend dumps a friend, I'm in the middle!


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First off, thanks for reading.


Okay so three months ago two of my close friends started dating each other, the guy is really nice, emotionally sensitive, classic Pisces. The girl is attractive, a little distant, always been kind of emotionally disconnected. He's the kind of person who has to feel everything and puts his whole heart into every endeavor, I know cause we grew up together, and he's always been a great guy. I've known the girl for five years, but she never seemed to want to get close to anyone, and I'm probably the person closest to her besides my friend she was dating. So here's the twist, the guy dumped the girl. Not what you were expecting? Me either. My friend says that even though he still loves the girl, he had to break it off because she was always so cold and distant, and he knew she would eventually lose interest and leave him broken hearted. She is crushed and has been crying on my shoulder almost non-stop since he dumped her, she can't understand why he did it.


And then things got weird.


The other day I was over at her house, nothing unusual, just hanging out with her trying to cheer her up. I suggest we watch a movie, she pops in Love Story. Oh crap. Of course she starts crying, and gets a little hysterical and buries her face in my chest. I have no clue what to do, so I just hold her lightly and let her cry, until she gradually stops. Her face is still buried in my chest, and I can feel the mood shift. I hear her take a deep breath, she lifts herself up and looks me right in the eyes, right before she kisses me . I'm so stunned I have no Idea what to do. I'm saved by the bell, as just then I get a text message from my dad saying he needs me home. I tell her about the message, and stumble through the apology that I have to leave, she doesn't say anything. I walk home in a daze.


So here's my conundrum: I don't have a GF, I am attracted to this girl, BUT she is my best friends ex, and a recent one at that, and I know he still loves her. I also don't want to be a rebound for this girl. The kiss happened last night and i have no clue what to do when I see them again. Do I tell my best friend about the kiss? Or do I keep my mouth shut?

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Well, she doesn't really have many friends, her mother has passed on, and she is definitely not an animal person. Sorry to poop on all your suggestions itsallgrand. I will try to make myself less available though.


Maybe part of the reason she has opened up more to me is because both of our mothers have passed on, and our fathers never really found anyone else. We're both the only children of widowers. We can understand each others pain.

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Or maybe it's because she's on the rebound and you're available.


Honestly, it's great that you want to help her, just be careful over what type of help it is. You can be her friend, just don't let her get confused over what that role is.


Atleast, until she's over the other guy. Don't forget that she probably associates you with him in her mind. So...

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