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  1. I definitely prefer when she shaves the outer lips and leaves a neatly trimmed patch above it. It solves the problem of hair in the teeth, but you also still feel like you are with a woman and not a little girl which is a turn off (at least for me and hopefully for others)
  2. You go girl! If you don't have romantic feelings toward men, then you're a lesbian obviously. Don't feel like you have to be straight or bisexual if you're not. I've had quite a few friends who were gay and proud, and they are some of the strongest people I know!
  3. My ex hurt me something terrible, and I hated her for a long time. Now, though, I can see what a sad, confused, and frankly pathetic little girl she was, and how she was not ready for a mature relationship. I checked out her myspace page constantly for a while, but have forced myself to stop and I haven't looked at it for a month. I honestly only wish she can get past her problems and find some kind of happiness.
  4. A lot of shy people find they can be more expressive on the internet than in person because of the anonymity. They actually have time to think about what they say and don't have to deal with the awkwardness of talking in person. I'm a super shy guy, and I love shy girls, I even have a T-shirt that says "I love Shy girls" and it's a good conversation starter. Shyness lessens with familiarity, so as Airtight Python said, let them know that you are going to be really quiet until you get to know them.
  5. You should have asked her out. You can always get to know her on a date, that's what they're for!
  6. Seriously, if you really love him, don't hang around you ex and lay off the sauce drunky. No matter how much you love him and he loves you that kind of betrayel will cripple a relationship, so don't be surprised if permanent damage hasn't already been done. One accidental drunken hookup is forgivable, but two? Is he going for sainthood or what? I don't mean to bash you, but bluntly, you screwed up, he deserves way better. Even saying all that, I hope you two make it, even if it's highly unlikely
  7. Only if you let it. Take the initiative. Don't wait for a guy to make a move, make one yourself.
  8. Yes. If she has made it clear she is not into you in that way, she has a right to hang out with whoever she wants.
  9. It sounds like you are still harboring feelings for your ex, and you may want to reduce communication with him lest those old feelings come back and screw up your current relationship. I myself play World of Warcraft, so I know whats it's like on your bf's side. That game can be very addicting. I think you should talk to him and tell him straight up that you are in a relationship and you should come before the game. Whatever you do DO NOT try to force him to quit playing if its something he loves, just let him know that you expect him to put you before the game. I don't think its anything at all to ask for a few minutes on the phone without being hung up on suddenly to go back to WOW(as we players call it). As for lying in bed and watching the other person sleep, some people(like me) love it, others get bored. Maybe you could ask him to stay in bed with you until you are asleep, then he could go do something else?
  10. I'm asian as well (half asian anyway, Japanese and Cuban) I look asian, only I'm very tall 6'4''. I've never really had much trouble finding women, but its probably because I am so tall. I find Caucasian women usually go for tall guys. I feel very american, I can speak both Japanese and Spanish as well as English. I'm a weird combination, but I feel its all about attitude. There are plenty of women who like the foreign or exotic look, try getting to the roots of your culture, join clubs and groups having to do with your country of origin. You'll find somebody
  11. delete her from your friends list and deny any future requests to be added by her. she probably sees you as "some guy i know" and just wants her friends list to be bigger. if she doesn't want to talk to you and really be your friend, you dont need her at all.
  12. forget her. delete anything that reminds you of her. sorry if its harsh, but she's just not interested, and you shouldn't waste any precious time trying to get her to like you. you will find someone who is into you if you just look, it's not all that hard.
  13. the youtube video was pretty good, you have no reason to say you suck. Just because you're not Eric Clapton or Peter Frampton or those guys who shred like crazy in Dragonforce doesn't mean you suck.
  14. If your partners okay on you sleeping around than its okay, otherwise its a betrayal of their trust. ^by the way insofar, love your signature, I'm a big Foo Fighters fan.
  15. It's probably not on purpose. she can sense your attraction and her subconscious mind is slipping subtle hints into conversation that she's not interested. I am in a similar situation, only I have told my friend I'm attracted to her. When I told her, she just sat there with an unsure look on her face. We got over the awkwardness, but she has never told me she is not interested. If anything, she has been dropping hints she is interested and would date me if she didn't have a boyfriend. How's that for confusing?
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