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So, me and the ex have been split for about 4 and a half month now. I broke NC about a month and a half ago and texted her to see how she was, she was OK, said she still thought about me, but was mad about how things ended still. (She holds grudges, and cant let stuff go, I guess not much has changed with her). I know I shouldn't have broken NC, but I felt like I would have regretted it if i didn't. I think she is seeing someone else now.


I used to go to a GYM that was 15miles from me, pretty big GYM, and I started going there right after we broke up. She started going to a GYM near her house. Literally one mile from her house. She never worked out a day in her life until we broke up, go figure. I have been working out for about 2 years now.


So, I stopped going to the GYM I was, because it was getting too costly a month. I have friends that still go to that GYM, and low and behold she came walking in yesterday and worked out there I think. I dont know if she came with another guy or what.. but I thought it was odd she started going there. Not to mention her mom payed for the membership at the other gym. This Gym is like 15-20miles from her. Glad I dont go there, dont think i could handle seeing her. Especially now that she is all fit and whatnot.

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Yep, game player. I hate that crap. Ignore - if there's no audience there's no show.


I wouldn't be too surprised by someone deciding to get into shape and go to the gym after a breakup. Often people use break ups to make some major changes in their lives. In my case, it's too bad my ex didn't:

quit smoking, quit drinking, get fit, get a job, become sane etc etc while we were still together, it might have made a difference....OK off topic and why am I still mad about this??

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So i talked to my friend that saw her, she was wearing a SPORTS BRA, and doing one of the stepper machines that are on the floor infront of everyone.. theres only two. She would NEVER wear only a sports bra.. she doesn't have much of a chest.. and she is self conscious about it. That's insane, maybe shes trying to show off, I dont know.. I know that isn't the girl I dated.. but maybe she changed. I was shocked, she is very shy.

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