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OK I'm dating now but now what should I do next to take it to the next level?

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Well, try to make it so you don't take all of your dates to the most public of places. If you drive, how far is the closest town? And don't really worry abut it too much, if you are dealing with a first or second date. By the time you get to a fourth or fifth date, you need to choose, her alone or not her. And keep your dates as seeming like things that can be either a date or maybe not. It's fine to do.


As far as anything else, take your time with cranking things up.

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Skip the intimacy on the first date. But I do however, recommend kissing on first dates so you weed out the serial daters and uninterested ones.


Read her body language throughout each date - especially towards the end. If her body langauge is positive, bust a move. On subsequent dates, progress the level of intimacy as long as she feels comfortable. Usually, women are most comfortable kissing and doing more stuff in private.

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Ok, so I need to setup a good 2nd or 3rd date(which ever of us considered the last few meetings dates) where it could lead to more? Any ideas?


You should be able to find a venue through what you guys talked about on the first date or do something you enjoy. This isn't rocket science man. Let things take it's course, and make moves when appropriate. This'll take some trial and error. If you mess up, like you said you've created many options so it doesn't matter.

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