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I think I made things worst for myself. Need advice.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give some info on my situation.

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me four months ago to go back to with her ex-boyfriend. However, we still kept in touch by phone. Everytime I ask her how she feels about him, she would tell me that she is starting have stronger feelings for him but they have not be close in that way yet. I tried to ask her to see me but she would find an excuse not to see me. When I try to tell her how I feel about her, she would ask me not to and change the subject. It has been more than a month of not seeing her, just talking. But last night, I was able to get her to go out with me to a bar. We had a good time. She kissed me and held me so I held her back. It felt like we were back together. We got buzzed and ended having sex that night. I had my head on her lap and just told her how I felt about her. She just said to me that she wished things were different but I should try to let her go and move on. We can still talk if I wanted to or we should not talk if it makes it harder for me. She suggested we should not meet each othe like this anymore because it makes her weak again.

I think it was a bad idea to meet her. I told her things and now it seems like she has distanced herself from me now. I think I made her have stronger feelings for the other guy. I am not sure to I should do now without making things worst. If anyone have any suggestions on this, it would help alot.

Thank you

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I believe the best thing for you to do is let her go, stop the phone calls, it'll just be harder on you knowing that she is with someone else. Hearing her voice will bring out emotions that you don't need. She made it clear that she does not want another encounter with you regarding the night you slept with her after going to the bar. Let her make her own mind up on who she wants to be with. Knowing that she slept with you when she is currently with her ex-boyfriend, that should raise a red flag. How do you know if you ever got back together with her that she wouldn't have a weak moment and sleep with her ex. Just let her go and chalk it up to experience. She needs to figure out what is best for her and so far she wants to work it out with her ex-boyfriend. Like I said earlier, don't make any contact with her in any way, if it's meant to be, she'll be back and hopefully know that you are the one she wants to be with. Hope things work out for you.

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LOL man you are the dude!


You got 2 choices here:

1) You want her so: Go get her!

2) Let her go to the other man.


What do I mean with number 1?

Well you met up got close and had sex. Ok, this means she's still got feelings for you. The fact that she admitted it makes her weaker when she's around you means that if you get her in bed another couple of times she's yours again. Simple I'd say. If she's had sex with you recently despite telling you it's over she still has feelings for you it's as clear as that. Perhaps being a little more exciting could turn her on? - Invite her for a walk in the country and just "stumble" accross a barn which happens to have a lot of hay inside - Get her in there for a quickie mate!



2) Let her go stop chasing and move on. Simple but you'll have to break contact with her permanently.

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