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a question for the fellas.....


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Face is defintely most attractive. Without a doubt.


I prefer a thinner figure but not just completely flat and un-interesting.

When hugging it's great being able to rest arms around hips that stick out a little bit.

As far as the chest goes I'm not a huge fan of large breasts.

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i was just wondering bc i guess i'm confusesd on what men consider thin. some women have a small waist but have bigger thighs and hips and butt and are considered fat for that.

i have a small chest(size b cup)

a small waist

and i wear a size 9 in pants. which means i have a booty and hips.

Is that still considered thin?

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it seems by the different posts on here that the younger(teenage) boys tend to like really small, really skinny girls. And men a little older like a women with a figure that is more curvy. Which makes me feel better, because while i am small, i am also curvy. The only body type i can think to compare it to is jennifer lopez. She is smaller on the top and thick on the bottom. I know some men who say they think shes fat, so i guess i was wondering what other men thought.

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You should not worry about this, please.


There're guys that love your type, and guys that don't prefer it but can put up with your type in light of your many other good qualities; then there are guys that hate your type. It's always like this with anything out there. Whether it be personalities, body shape, size, weight, etc. goals in life, religions, etc.


Even if majority on here said they prefer all-around thin, petit girls (well, like I do), that doesn't mean all guys out there do.


You've just got to find your match, is all. I remember thinking "What if all the girls in the world didn't like you except one girl... your "dream girl"... would you be satisfied?" I thought "Heck yeah! That's all I'm looking for, after all!"


Don't worry girl, he's out there, and plenty that do love your type. My friend is into your type!

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I guess I am in the monority here. I find toothpick chicks unattractive. I hate to make a comparison to such a god awful movie but my girlfriend is built like Kate Winslet was in Titanic, and I love her figure.


But above all, the Face, more specifically the eyes, are the first things I notice.


Well, when I say thin, I don't mean toothpick thin, like Ally Mcbeal thin.


I should've been more specific: like a girl who works out 2-3 times a week, and is on a healthy diet. Not scrawny, but good shape; she'd have meat... but toned muscle meat, yet still petit.

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