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  1. hold it so that the skin stays covering the top and just do whatever you can without hitting teeth or fingers on the head. Usually anything soft and warm like a mouth or a vagina wont make it hurt. I know the vagina doesnt hurt me, the tongue tingles a little.
  2. Try getting him to guide you with his hands. Like what I do is try to give her a slight nudge in the right direction until she gets used to it. If it pops out, pop it back in and try again lol.
  3. I tried working my gf's clit. She said it felt weird. I asked if it hurt and she couldnt quite give me an answer. She just said it was akward. Everytime I try to touch it directly she squirms around and pulls away. Could this be the same feeling as if someone were to touch the glans of a very sensitive penis? If so then that does feel really bad
  4. It's weird...I can cum faster masturbating than when my gf does oral or a hj. It took about a half hour with her doing it. I have to say do something good with the balls. They are sensitive, which is very good or very very bad haha.
  5. For some reason for me it was hard to keep my eyes closed. Her eyes were closed. I liked seeing her face when we did it. Both peoples eyes open at the same time is a bit akward from what i know. Looking at each other crosseyed is a bit weird.
  6. I did that to my ex when we were still going out. I used to ask her who she dated before me and what she did. Why? I just wanted to feel assured that she really did like me and wouldnt take me as just another guy, (shes been with alot of guys). Ultimately, you shouldnt worry about it. From my experience it just makes the both of you uncomfortable and they dont like it when you ask.
  7. Me and my ex broke up a few months ago, i did NC for like a month then i recently cleared things up with her and now were good friends. It's just that unless she says she wants me back i wont assume anything. I was just wondering if there were signs that people show that maybe they want you to come up to them and ask them about getting back together.
  8. What signs do people show that they want to come back after breaking up? Im not getting my hopes up but there maybe some thing im missing.
  9. Am I allowed to say my ex was perfect? Because she was to me. I honestly cant find anything wrong with her.
  10. thats great news, you are so lucky. how did it happen?
  11. You cant 'win' anybody back. As posted by superdave i think. It just doesnt work like that. The only thing to do is move on. The only thing.
  12. I prefer a pretty face. Thin chicks pls. Also good hair is nice. And some legs.
  13. You want her back, but you have to face the realness that you cant have her back. You have to live life knowing that shell never come back. And maybe one day who knows, maybe shell turn around unexpectedly. The one and only thing you can do is nothing. Sounds too simple but its the truth. Take up a hobby, it worked for me.
  14. I quit playing video games when i met my ex. I said Id never play them again. Since shes not around anymore I started playing again, got my mind off her.
  15. Yea, I dont really feel for her anymore. If she wanted to come back I would just laugh and walk away mainly because she lied to me.
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