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hey i broke up with my gf today:(

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well this morning i was talking to her cause we had a fight last month and it got to her saying that she doesnt think she loves me as much asi love her and i said do you love me and she said she doesnt know and i said do you think you ever will and she said she doesnt know and then i said i think we should start seeing other people and i walked away


but i still love her so much

weve been together for 10 and a half months and shes just become such a big part of my life that i cant imagine my life with out her


what should i do?

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Hi Blink_guy,


I am sorry to hear about the break-up


I am not too keen on the whole "taking a break" myself (mostly bc they usually seem to end in a breakup anyway) BUT do you think if you asked your gf to take some time (say, about 2 weeks or so?) to think about whether or not she wants to be in this relationship, she would be willing to do this?


If you DO take the "break" and opt to discuss this matter after you both had time to think about the ramifications of a breakup, please make sure you give yourselves a "proper" break in the duration till the next time you meet: meaning NC -- so that you both can have the clarity of mind to approach this matter.


Again, I usually do not like to suggest taking breaks BUT I only say this bc I felt as though you guys kinda broke up at the heat of the moment (? sorry if I am way off ...) and did not properly address the issues re: the fight last months and her confusion about how she feels about the relationship.


Just my two cents.


Good luck!

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Sorry to hear your story, but you and her both need to discuss this situation. If she really doesn't love you, then that's not fair to you. Just a suggestion, but think of some questions/concerns you have and meet with her to find out why she doesn't know if she loves you...You need to get to the bottom of this problem because you don't want to quit something that might be good. On the other hand, you don't deserve to be in a relationship where there's issues of doubt.

Stay strong and best of luck!!

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well, she says she doesn't know yet, and you say you do know... what is hard is everyone's feelings don't move at the same pace...


was she rejecting you outright, that is, she doesn't think there is a future with you, or just saying, she is not as sure about things as you are?


less than a year is enough for some people to know it is right, but not enough for other people....


so i suggest if she really matters to you, you should talk more, and give her time to see you are right for her... but is she is showing other WRONG behavior, lying to you, cheatting on you, etc. then walk away...


but if she just isn't sure, and you think she is worth it, then give her more time, and revisit this if you are still waiting in another year.

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well we were doing really really good up until now we would get in fights like normal couples but we always made up and stuff and we hung out lots and such too i dont knwo why she just decided that all of a sudden

she hasnt cheated on me or lied to me or anything liek taht so we have decided to talk again some time next week

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