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please help!


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me and my gf have been going out fo r11 months now and were dealing with some issues


well we got in a fight tonight and it started off about how she doesnt get to hang out wit my friends very much and i said that she never made and effort and also because my friends drink and smoke weed so i dont want to her be around bad influences and she said that she doesnt want me thinkin for me and all taht but thats jsut a short summary of it. well the thing is i still love her...i cant picture my life with out her its like w/e i do i want to be doing it with her. if im jus sleeping i wish she was sleeping next to me and if i was just eating i wish she was eating something beside me and all that kind of stuff but shes not quite the kind of gf i want. maybe im wanting too much from her??i want her to act like she really likes me rather than just giving everyone else her attention and just giving the left over to me cause shes jsu got some left...i dont quite know what to do...


what do you guys think i shoudl do?should i try to work it out more??or should i break up with her now?but i really dont want to

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I was inthe same situation as you are in with a girl I liked. The thing is, I accepted what she did, even tho I really didn't and everyone on here and on other sites told me that she was a bad person. So honestly, if she isn't the kind of girlfriend you want, then why continue the relationship with her, plus if you don't want to be around heer bad influences then why be around them? I think that you should dump her now, as hard as it may seem for you to do.

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Hey there, I dont think you should break up with her just yet. From your post it sounds like you really like her, but also that you MAY be smothering her a bit. She is right, you cant think for her. She may really like you too but just have a different way of showing it. Maybe try giving her a bit of space.

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