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help me please,especialy if there are any doctors on this???

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Ok,i started taking birth control a few months ago,im on Yasmin.

i never ever missed one and was always careful.

Last saturday i had sex without condom and then missed my pil on sunday,but i took it at the same time (24hours later) on monday with mondays pill (so i took two on monday),and that was the last pill in the packet. i am now on my 7 day break, am i pregnant? tuesday was the first day of my 7 day break and i havnt gotten my period yet,and its thursday. im really worried because im only 17. can someone please write back quickly??im so freaked out. Oh, and if any of you are doctors i would really appreciate your advice!! thanks!! xxxx

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So, usually you get your period on the 3rd or 4th day of the break, and your last pill was Monday. So wouldn't that mean that you'd probably get your period by tomorrow (day 3 or 4?) I'd give it one more day, because it's been a normal pattern for you, and also stress can make you late as well.


I hate to mention this, because it makes me sound like a mom, but, if you aren't ready to get pregnant, why are you having unprotected sex? The pill is not 100%, and it doesn't protect against STI's either.


(gets off soapbox).

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I doubt that you're pregnant. It takes a while for the drug to work it's way out of your system and because you've been taking it for a few months it should have built up in your body. Missing one pill shouldn't be a major problem. However, you shouldn't be having sex without a condom if you're going to be this freaked out at the thought of getting pregnant.

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