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I am hurting so bad:(

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Last night i called her(my # was blocked )when she picked up i heard music and i didnt even wait for her to say hello...i hung up and my mind went racing.....was she in the car? was she at a bar? it was 930pm.......she always would keep her phone in her purse......i know i am analyzing and we are broken up but i miss her soooooooooooooo much its christmas and if you guys read my threads you would see that i got cut off....rigth after thanksgiving



i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost called her back and told her " well i am glad you are out enjoying yourself"


but i at least had that much self control...


why cant i let go and not care what shes doing?

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simply because its one of the hardest things youll ever do. believe me, i have had the urge to call so many times. i havent yet, after a month.


think, is someone that hurt you badly, even worth a phone call?>


no one is....she has the emotions and chemistry when she sees me...but then she gets goofy after we are together



like somrthing aint right....cant put my finger on it.....oh how i wish my wish would be answered taht she coming knocking on christmas eve

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isnt breakin up a pain!! u have to move on and delete her contact, earse her out of ur mind and ignore and avoid her. the first step is getting rid of contact and it takes a good month to get over, also flirt with her best friend, she may come crawling back or take offense to it, but its a win win situation, proving u have moved on or luring her back!

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yeah. I was thinking about trying to lure my ex back too... but is it really worth it??? I mean, for whatever reason things didnt work out, problems that may not have been apparent for you, may have been to her.. Is it even worth trying to get back with her?? Obviously, we have relationships with people because it makes life seem that much better when we're around them, when things dont work out it all comes crashing down.. chances are if your ex doesnt see the light after seeing you flirt with her best friend or whatever... she wont at all... Even if she comes crawling back, it wont be out of love, it will be out of jealousy

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