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day 11 ugghhhh i cant let go

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i went out with her bro yesterday.....and i feel like it makes it worse.....him and i talked i said you know after you tell me some things here and there you make me feel like there is hope and when it comes down to t shes not contacting me at alll........when you love someone how do you cut them out of your life for 3 weeks......granted i know she thinks i bs'ed her when it came to getting some stuff done


and from what his convos with her it sounds like well she just wait and see..........i said dude i will resent her if she comes back when i finish what i tilder i would do.......whether shes mad or dissappointed not talking to me is going to push us apart.......is she confused? who knows but i do know i dont like being treated this way


i dreamt about her last nite.....this sucks christmas is coming up and new years


i m pissed because i want to be with her

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You can't control her actions or emotions so unless you want to screw this up, sit back and wait until she either comes around or you get tired and move on. There are really no other choices that wont push her away.




true......and i have had amazing strength of nc......

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