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we sat on the bed next to eachother talking. Im the first to bring it up through text messaging=(

I feared he'd feel the same way and it turned out I was right.




Around every corner!...family is so SCREWED up

Friends aren't all that supporting, they have there own issues . they say they are here for me, they AREN'T.


He hurt me soo bad, he told me that to give it a month or so and maybe we ccan tryy again, but I thnk he only said that out of kindness and to make me feel like theres a chance.


At the time of talking, I didn't really say much. It hurt me to even talk, like I wanted tot ry, but I didn't and I held everything that I wanted to tell him, I held it all in....During that time, I could of expressed everything,but I was tired and just really un blanced at the moment.


We broke up!!! We are DONE... I miss him, ahhh I miss him,t his sucks so bad, I HATE crying. What the heck, I dont get it, what the heck is the matter with me. Hes also the first guy I had sex with. Little does he know....He doesn't care, doesnt have a clue...Just so COLD yet so understandable... IM SICK OF CRYING and TEXING HIM and telling him how im feeling. BUT I REALLY WISH IT WAS DIFFERENT!!


Im so hurt ahrrrhhh

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Hey, I am sure you do feel bad right now, but it will pass and you will have learned lots from this time you had. Years from now you will wonder why you were this upset. Really. You will remember how you felt, but you will look back on you now and smile, knowing how it was and how it is.

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All of you have been very helpful, thanks for the great advice=)


Although Im still hurting, I think I know what I need to do, although it will be way hard to get over this man who I thought I might end up loving, Itll do me plenty good in the long run...


I just wish I would heal a lot quicker!!! Im single and not sure what to do with myself...Ive been depressed so I stopped owrking out and going to gym, I shouldn't let this get me lazy but it has some how...

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