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hey what should i do?

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make sure those feelings aren't just the "happy to meet you" euphoria or smt, cause people often confuse that with love or smt... that won't take that long to find out... and then, break up with your girl... it's not fair for her to be in a relationship w/ someone who has feelings for somebody else.

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are you dissatisfied with your girlfriend in other ways? by that i mean, do you think you are starting to get interested in other girls because you are having problems with your girlfriend, or is this just a passing attraction to another girl?


if you are in a committed relationship where you have promised your girlfriend you will not date other people, then you need to think about what you need to do... and if you love your girlfriend and see a future with her, you had better cool off the friendship with the other girl to prevent cheating...


but if your relationship with your girlfriend is rocky and you want to break up, then do so honorably, before you cheat, because cheating in addition to a breakup is a double helping of pain for your girlfriend.

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no i definatly would not cheat...i am the one always frowning on people cheating on there mates...and yes my gf and i are getting along great....i jus tdidnt think that ther were other people who had little crushes on other girls while going out with some one in a commited relationship....i definatly will not act on it....thanks guys

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