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Always just a friend...


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I just don't get it. I always give off that "friend vibe". Its probably not something anyone here can even help me with, becuase its my personality, adn it would be impossible to pick it out.



I treat girls with respect, I dont use corny lines on them, im honest, I compliment them, I am funny, and charming, and all around a great guy. Somehow this lands me in the friend zone every single time. I see the way alot of guys treat girls...it disgusts me... and girls fall all over them for it. It makes NO sense to me.


Someone help me here, I have even considered changing myself... but I know thats a mistake. If I feel treating girls a certian way is wrong.. forcing myself to so it will only make me miserable.


Perhapse I am just destined to have droves of best friends, but never find love.

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Ah! My friend, you must see that in your decency and respect you will attract someone excellent who treats you in the same way.


Do not change your attitude, you are more mature in your attitude than these guys who treat women without respect and the universe will reward you at the right time for your courtesy and patience.


So you stay positive and remember you are worth the wait!

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May be it was the 'Ah! My friend....' lol


I would be happy if I got that in a fortune cookie!


I do think the advice is right though!


It was the "Ah, my friend" . . . it would've been even better if you said something like . . . "ALAS . . ."


No I agree, though, good advice. Kinda like "nice guys finish last," or "good things come to those who wait."

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