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ex msged me, i dunno if i should respond

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ok, heres the situation, ex broke up with me like a month ago, started NC 1 week after the break up (no phone calls, txts, and blocked her on msn, 1 week after that point of starting NC she txt me 2 times in one day, first at 2am, then later on at 230pm. i never answered any of them, now today i get another txt after lunch saying "r u alive"


thats the second time shes asked me that... wut gives? wuts the deal with asking me if im alive? lol wut am i supposed to say to her?


even my friend told me this... "u know for a girl that wants to forget about you, she seems to be giving you alot of attention"


well the thing is she did tell me she wants to be friends... so i wouldnt say shes trying to forget about me

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