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hi everyone

me and my rents just had an argument because they think that i hang out with friends too much.

and i dont think thats the case out of the 7 day week i hang out with friends once a week and every month or so twice a week

what do the rents out there think that a fair number of free time do you think a 15yr should have during school time

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Blink_Guy, I'm nearly 18 and still dealing with those arguments with my parents. It all depends on your parents and their rules. There's really not much you can do about it, because, until you're 18, what they say is law...believe me, I've tried fighting the system; it doesn't work


Wait until you get a little older, then try negotiating with them.

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yeah i just turned 16 n i'm still treated like i'm 11 i mean i go out with my friends almost every weekend spend time with the lady but it's not like i'm goin out n drinking (which is what i know they are most concerned about in my case) just try and strike a deal with them, but jynx is right fighting the system is pretty hardcore

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This is coming from the parents viewpoint. I am the mom of two kids age 25 (daughter) and 20 ( son ) . So I have been though all of the same scenario with mine and wanting to hang out with friends. My thoughts are based on the age you said you are which is 15.


Much of my allowances for letting the kids hangout with friends was based on how well they were doing in school, and how responsible they showed me they could be. Such as coming home at the designated time when they hung out during the week.


They were allowed once during the week during the months that school was going on . They were also allowed a weekend night with friends. Keeping curfew was of utmost importance. Also keeping up their school work was part of the plan.


I think during school and on weeknights, that once week is fair. That is not to say that a friend couldn't come over for a while on a school night for a visit.


If there was something special or different going on , there were always allowances made for those times within reason.


It is not that parents dont want you to have friends and have a good time, but it is part of a parents job to make sure we show the proper guidance and upbringing.


As you get older and show the proper responsibility , then yes, there can discussions about more time with friends and a bit of bargaining between you and the parents. That is as long as you hold up your end of the deal.


True, it is really useless to try and " buck the parenting system" at age 15.


Let me ask you this...... How is your school work holding up? Are you making good grades? Do you return home at the expected time when you are out with your friends?

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I allow my 16 year old at least 3-4 nights a week out. While it is not always the same number, it usually balances out nicely. He spends quality time with us, plus particpates in extra curricular activites.


He has earned this privilege through his behavior, good grades and fulfillment of responsibilties on the homefront. He has proven himself trustworthy and so he should be able to enjoy down time with his friends.


Some weeks he may take full advantage of being able to go out to the movies, get coffee with friends and so on but we also have an open door policy so many nights during the week his friends hang out over here. While some nights he just opts to hang with the family.


It boils down to a good relationship, trusting him to apply what I have taught him and a healthy balance of all that is important to him.

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