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Met thid guy at a pub! help!


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Ok.. Oh my gosh... This guy i met, at cheers...one wensday night.. Ok his two friends massimo and frank talked to me and adored me in a.. "ur so cute" way... so ya.. they were making me laugh so much and everything... i was cracking up all the time, i was really having fun and all...then i noticed this kinda cute blond guy, at first i wasnt really attracted to him. As the night went on he kept staring at me.. when i was looking or not. Then he found what ever reason to come up and talk to me. So yea... he kept saying.. "what is a nice girl like you doing in a bar like this" "Guys must be drooling over you" "you have such persinality...i work in a club as bartender and your really put out from all of the other girls i see.. let me tell you! there gonna buy you jewelry and if its not real ur not gonna take it.. haha!" and he also offered me a drink.. so yea then i was starting to get attracted to him. now the problem is... when my cousin that is 27 years old told the blond guy that i like now that is 23 years old.. that i was 15.. he couldnt believe it .. he was in complete shock .. he was like "*beep*!"..((i do NOT look my age.. i look 18)) then he told my cousin that he would date me.. but then he said that she would ''kill'' him because im under-aged (kill as an expression).. so ya.. omg! then after that... i dont really remember there.. i had to leave because my lift had to go... so i said bye to frank.. who told me to call him in 2 years lol... i couldnt say bye to brian bcuz i couldnt find him and neither massimo.. so ya... then saturday came up and i ended up going to his club with people he knows as well. so apparently... my cousin heard him say somehing like.." thats the cute girl i met at cheers , shes so nice.." he said that to his co worker that served me a drink...


Ok now i want to now if i should ask matt.. my friend that knows him to give me his number and call... omg i really want to see him again. i dont care if im under aged or not... im not immature.. he is a little so.. what ever... this can maybe workout... ok now i want to know what i should do.. call him... or not... because he dint ask my number or nothing.. but he did take his cell phone out of his pocket for no reason at cheers...


Please answer me i really want to know what i should do. and if yes i should call... id like to now what i should tell him.. you know.. after a couple of weeks without seeing that guy a met once and calling him out of the blue!!


Im sorry.. but i dont really wanna hear any "its illegal!" or no his to old or you shoudnt go into bars or clunb ur 15! lol everyone goes even if there 15 or 16 ... please just help !



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