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What Does He Want??


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My fiance and i lived together for 1.5 years. Adjustment period came and 3 weeks ago, we had an argument and tempers flew. He was having issues with his brother, work, etc, couldnt handle it so he packed and left. Last thing he said was "I Love You". He couldve stayed in NY where his cousin is but he said he's returning to MD to be around me.


Here's the thing. He couldnt decide if we're over or not. He said he needs to think about it and focus on cleaning up his life. Understood. Well 2 weeks ago he visited me and brought his brother to meet me. He said he came over becuase he misses me. What the heck?? Also when i stopped callng him, he started calling me at night and wanting to talk about what he's been doing, he still cries about the break-up, etc. Then he calls me "honey" and "sweety". He's also asking who i've been talkng to and where i'm at.


OK men, tell me what the deal is with this person. WHAT DOES HE WANT?? If i cant get it out of him, can anyone provide me with some insight??

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welcome to enotalone.


well.... we can't tell you what he wants either.... I think you should talk to him. yeah, he can miss you, but if he isn't saying he wants to work things out with you, then it doesn't matter.


i think you should have a serious conversation with him about the future of your relationship and how you two are going to work things out (if at all....)

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