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About a month ago I had this very scary dream that worms were crawling under my skin and it felt very real. I was walking out of a big prom-like party of some sort and was dressed up nicely walking towards my limo by myself and I looked down and saw bumps all over my arms that were moving. I looked closer and tiny holes were in the bumps. I realized they were worms crawling under my skin and I tried to pick one out of the hole but just as I got close to pulling it out, it shot back into my arm. The dream was so intense that I actually woke up panicky. A couple weeks later I had the same dream again except I was in a bathroom talking to an unfamiliar person and there was something crawling under my skin. This time it was a beetle and whenever I tried to run out and go to the hospital, things kept blocking my way so I couldn't leave. These dreams really disturbed me so I went to talk to a psychic. She said that maybe people in my life weren't my true friends, but that didn't seem to make much sense. Then the other day my mom woke up and told me she had a dream of worms crawling under her skin. The weird thing was, it was EXACTLY like the dream I had, where she would go to pull one out and they shot back into her arm. I told her about how I dreamt of worms crawling under my skin but not about them shooting back into my arm so I got this weird eerie feeling when she told me that. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this dream could possibly mean and why my mom would have the same one???

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That is very... VERY... eerie...


Some people believe these sites to be crap but I have found them useful in some situations:

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As I know it, bugs are symbolic of anxiety in your life. Thats all I know...

I wish you luck... I dont know if you believe in this or not, but perhaps you have a psychic sort of connection with your mother and you're sharing thoughts or feelings on that sort of level...

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