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If you read all of these Ill be impressed. lol I wrote these all within the last six months or so. During a time I had ups and downs. I cant remember the exact order I wrote them. Some are soully about myself, some relate to my breakup with my first and only ex-boyfriend, some relate to other guys, some are about my place in/view of the world, etc. Some were written when i was calm, hopeful, and enlightened, some were written when I was crying, confused, disappointed, etc. So some are in a more positive light some in a negative light. Enjoy! If you want too comment it would be appreciated. : )


*Eternal Marathon*


The gun sounds

I look around

I only start

When I see you

Take off beside me

I cant strive alone

Theres no race

To a finish

Just run WITH me..


Don't look behind

Are shadows are

Catching up to us

Lets leave them

In our dust

this day

We move forward

Steady is our pace

Just run WITH me..


Don't fall back

Ill slow down too

Lose my hope

I just couldnt do

Don't get infront of me

Ill never catch you

Even to block the wind

It intimidates me

Just run WITH me..


Air rushes past me

Like seconds ticking by

As Im spinning

Around the track

Please no more

Circles anymore

Lets veer off

make our own path

Journey together

Just run WITH me..


When the sun's fiery

Bears down

Pay no attention

To the sweat

Running down your lip

I only see and feel

Your smile

Your eyes

Focused ahead

Just run WITH me..


To the rhythm

Of our pounding feet

My heart races

Faster and faster

When I Cant

Catch my breathe

You fill my lungs

I can go forever now

Your strength is mine

Running THROUGH me..



*The Blue Lagoon*


Been living

for some time

Stranded on an island

Starving to death



Found a lovely fruit

Picked it for fulfillment

Artificial it was

It satisfied me

I was deceived


Its resource

Came to an end

Left with a sharp pain

Hunger again



For what I might

Reach for next


Will it nourish me

Or supply me

Empty value again



For what I might

Reach for next


But Im reaching..

So tie me to

This boat Ive made

Float me away


Give me no choice

To pick wrong or right

Let me be

Swallowed by the sea






My only hope

Rescuing me






*Excess Thoughts*


When your alone

Your thoughts are yours

No one can steal them

No one can swap them

No one can mistake them


They're all yours

You don't have to share them

But its greed you've invited for company

And it gives you a gift

The burden of excess



When your lonely

Your thoughts are yours

No one can swipe the tears

No one can replace the fears

No one can take them up in their arms


They're only yours

You don't have anyone to share them with

But its waste you've invited for company

And it gives you a gift

The burden of excess






Who are you love?


Who walked in the store?


Who did I meet?


Who did I fall for?


Who gave me butterflies?


Who picked me up at the door?


Who made a costume?


Who wrote me a note?


Who taught me math?


Who gave me that wink?


Who opened up to me?


Who bought me flowers?


Who texted me goodnight?


Who shared with me music?


Who gave me my favorite necklace?


Who made me happy?


Who taught me so much?


Who made me laugh?


Who drove me around?


Who told me their dreams?


Who gave me my first kiss?




Who held me in their arms?


Who broke my heart?


Who made me grieve?


Who wont talk to me?


Who do I love still?


Who do I miss?


Who are you ex-love?


Do I know you?




*Unorganized Dotes of Love*



Brush back my hair


Whisper in my ear


Tell me a secret


Ill never tell dear




When we are apart


Blow me a kiss


When the distance stretches


are lips to miss




Reach for my hands


Lock with my eyes


Bare open your soul


Feed me no lies



Declare a surprise waiting


flash your clever smile


Don't give a clue


Leave me guessing awhile



Listening to my heart


beating on your chest


its sleeps softly against


your calm cushion rest


String together a line


Pick me a flower


Words have some meaning


But actions have power



Wear your own beliefs


pack an open mind


hold steady but know


change you can





*The Confusion*


Ill say anything now

just need you around

babble like a fool

chase you farther

but I dont know what to do


crazy over losing someone

cant see your face

the one I could always trace

always have a home in my heart

my heart is vacant


for everything you did and didnt do

you are forgiven

I miss you

If you were ever mistaken

im sorry

I believe in you

through what you shown upon me


If something out there stole you away

I hope you'll return someday

Its hurts now that your away

not an accusation but rather

not knowing whether you fed me lies

or hid the truth

ever loved me

like I had in me for you


I just want you

The you.. no one but me

knows of.. I knew..






*Rejecting You*



You offer up everything


Whats NOT on sale?


a salesman you try to convince


everythings right for me


You sell yourself short


There is nothing their I see


Nothing to buy for keeps


Ill earn enough for what


I really want one day


Im sorry to say


Im have nothing of me to spare you


As harsh as it seems






So I came to love insanity


As I found out only the sane are liars


Their faking everything, faking who we are


outcasts in the polluted streets


Willowing down in our own defeat


The world today we made is no longer a place I want to be


The lonely ones know but we have run into hiding


Im ashamed of ourselves when we cannot speak


No way to unite the last true minds, we weep


Give me the stars on a hill in silence


And come all you to reveal whats left, down deep


Past the hollow cavities, inside you and me







Some fight with violence


An ugly appliance


Others fight with beauty


Against a beast in compliance




A fist of a fool


Knows not of


Our most powerful tool


Or are weakest weapon


Our Minds



Blood be shed


through the tearing


Of our skin


But closed minds too


Wheres our blood thin




*Picture This*



I never did see it


Till I turned it upside down



You think you know the right way


Its always suppose to go





oh no no


oh no no



Nothing was all you ever saw


When that's all you chose to know



Keep searching for your answer


This way isn't working




*Souls Divide Among The Land*



Im sitting on this side of the bars


For sometimes Im afraid


I see you on the otherside


And sometimes I put one leg over and teeter



I can only reach so far accross


To try and pull you back over


But maybe Im wrong


Being the one who's stuck here


Either way Im confused



They say to step over is the crime


But I see it over here all the time


Whats the difference


There is good and evil in both lands



And I see you roaming free


A soul rejected on the fringe


Without benefits of "normal" society


In a different kind of happily played misery



Where do I wanna be


They wont let me choose


So Im still dangling here on the edge


Between everything



I wish we were birds


but I wouldnt perch here


The land would be one


And we would all be beautiful creatures






*First Love*



My beautiful butterfly


Your wings glided so freely


A creature I longed to be


One day you came by me




A flutter of color


Against my pale sky


You just so happened


to catch my lonely eye





All say I only bloomed for you


If you'll let me dear


I was the brightest color


Cause you were my inspiration




When you landed so softly


On my delicate surface


I was afraid


But not for long





You sang me a song


in butterfly silence


I wanted to smile


But your song was sad



You stayed a while


And told me secrets


Of a journey


And I listened



You told me I was beautiful


But did I forget to tell you the same


you were rubbed the wrong way


but you are never to blame



You hadnt expected to stay


So one day you left


And that was when


I slowly wilted away



I lost my love


Before a cruel summer


Miss the soothing rain


Where we had blown about and played





I lost sight of you


Your glow, your presense


I lost sight of myself


I plucked my petals for existence



I just couldn't bear


the element of pain


But is my heart wise or mistaken


To find a love like you again

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