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I met him. He's married...back to the drawing board.

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Well, I met the guy who left his cell phone number on my windshield...


He was everything I was hoping for: tall, dark, and handsome...Except for one little thing. He has a wife.


Earlier today I called him up and asked him if he wanted to meet up somewhere. So we met up at Wendy's(hey, I'm on a student budget). I spruced up a bit and wore a nice shirt too. Anyway, he knows what I look like so I told him to just come over and talk to me.

Well I was pleasantly surprised. He is really, REALLY, good looking! He looks kind of like Carlos on Desperate Housewives(minus the goattee). And he isn't feminine either...He was a manly guy(he just sounded fem over the phone).


So I'm thinking, "thank you god!" So we start talking about things and I realize we have alot in common(even though he's 15 years older than me...he's 40 too)...

Mind you I have never seen him before, and he keeps telling me how adorable he thinks I am and everything. So I jokingly say, "Are you stalking me?" He laughed and said, "I've seen you around, and I think you are a handsome guy...I just didn't think you would give an old guy like me a chance."

So He is really nice, polite, and conversational...And he was really interested in what was going on in my life...That was a plus. And I thought this really had potential...


Then he finesses sex into the conversation...He didn't exactly say it but I knew that is what he was alluding too. Then he starts talking about maybe later this weekend we could go to his place and fool around...


I just kind of look at him like he's crazy..."How about going on an actual date first?"


He starts shaking his head and says, "Naw, I'm not into the whole dating thing. Besides I'm married..."


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was one of those surreal moments...


"If you are married then why are you trying to talk to me?"


Him: Because, you seem discreet and you don't look stereotypically gay.


By then I'm ready to go. So I told him I had to go and I'll probably call him back later....Translation: I'm going to trash his phone number.


Then he says, "Cool, call me later tonight. We can have alot of fun."


So, obviously, it didn't work out. On onehand I'm glad I indulged my curiosity...

On the other this has made me so ambivalent about the whole dating scene. That guy was nothing but a player. He probably gives out his number to every unsuspecting guy...


I feel really stupid right now.

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Ugh, what a creep!


Don't feel so down on yourself hon, you had no way of knowing initially! Stupid would of been saying "Sure, I WILL call tonight" in response to his comment to call for fun....


Believe me, even being straight you get creeps like this....it sucks, but you have to chalk it up to them being well...creeps..and move on.


Don't be so down on the whole dating thing...there are quality guys out there like you.

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I'm so sorry Foxlocke.. I had such high hopes for you on your last post. This is what I'm worried about. It's so hard to find people who are looking for relationships, especially in our lifestyle. Most men want to be on the so called DL & mess around with other guys spreading std's etc etc, yet while they have a wife & children at home which is so disgusting. I'm really just tired of people's ignorance & it seems like I can HARDLY find a decent person in this lifestyle that's looking for more than just a booty call. I've been through this also Foxlocke so you're definitely not alone..


I just say let this be a lesson & just continue to move on. I'm sure your knight & shining armor will come along someday & I know they will Decent people are hard to come by & when you've found that decent person, cherish them & hold onto them deeply for you have something that is rare & is as valuable as a jewel. Again, Foxlocke I hope the best for you & don't be so down.

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Aww...Fox. I hate that for you....


If you lived closer to Lubbock, I have an awesome gay friend who is almost parallel to you in the attracting creeps dept.... There is a guy out there for you, The Guy, in fact... just don't let the losers get you down.


and don't feel so bad..

I got the address where that guy from Kyle XY lives... wanna go stalk him with me???

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LOL... *one tiny little detail* oh yeah, married.


anyways, I am proud of how you handled it. you showed total class.


if I were a gay man, I would ask you out right now! and on a real date! to somewhere better than Wendy's!


hang in there. somewhere out there, there is a man for you who isn't a closeted married man, but has all of this guy's good characteristics.

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Hey Foxlocke, I am so sorry to hear what a creep this guy turned out to be! I am glad that you did check out the situation. He's one of those gay married guys who pretends to be completely straight, but is looking to hook up. I don't blame you for wanting to get the heck out of there. I do hope that you trash his number. He doesn't deserve you as a friend or anything more!

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Foxlocke, Foxlocke, do not despair...

You knight in shining armour will swoop in someday

And there you would be, emerged from your lair

and you will have so much more love to give and to say...


So Foxlocke, just how handsome and cute are YOU?

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I feel really stupid right now.


No way man!! That was cool of you- one hundred times better than not doing it. If you'd met the guy decided he was a creep, then slept with him anyway- you could feel stupid. As it is you went out - met someone- didn't like them - not going to see them again. Where's the shame in that?


As for the "no dating please, we're gay"......... that sucks! But it really isn't the only way. I could try to say something to make you feel better- but truth is I haven't met any gay men who were interested in any kind of monogamy yet. Not that I've met that many........ but it's deeply unattractive.

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dude - so don't feel stupid! Look at the bright side, yeh? You attracted a hot guy, you met a movie like romantic notion head-on, and you're smarter and better for the experience. And like happytown said, you decided to get away - you could've done something REALLY stupid.


Sorry that happened, but he's one in a milli - ok well, maybe one in a hundred, but really, don't let HIM ruin you for another guy.

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I think I am mainly dissappointed because he was hot...haha. Admittedly, I was hoping it would work because he was dreamy.


So whatever...I'll find Mr. Right eventually.


Thanks for the support guys...


And Vand, I'll take you up on that offer! I have my binoculars ready!

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