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alright this is gonna be long,but for those who read this,.i really appreciate it. anyway. i have been pretty much seeing this girl off and on since january. its crazy how we met, we met on myspace,and at first,i disregaerded her due to her age.. shes 16,and im 22. i wasnt trying to fall for her, but i would just continue tio talk to her,be her friend,and there was nothin big about tghat. but one day we talked on the phone for along time,and we reallty started to hit itoff. i was concerned because she was so young.i didnt wanna get in trouble. my previous girlfriend was 26,so its not like i plan on going for a younger girl. this girl had alot in common with me,she seemed to understand me. we got really close...and started hanging out more. things were great.,her parents didnt know.but she was slowly starting to tell them. anyway,this age thing really botrhered me.i wasnt use to it, people would freak if they found out. so i was kinda shy to take her home, or out somewhere,without feeling bad...but deep down i new i cared about her,and she made me happy.it wasnt till the second month that i accepted her age, and thought of it jsut as a number.the relationship got better./they only time i saw her was on my days off,tuesdays and wednesdays.so we ended up getting really close. and then things started to go wrong. there were alotta things buggign her,and she told me. it kinda hurt me cause i felt like she didnt want me anymoere.so we fought more-and then i started to become really jealous,because some guiy started emailing her. then she was wanting to hangout with him, and this pissed me off. i felt as if she was losing interest, so i started to become a jealouis bf. soon after that,we keopt fighting in person, but i still cared abojut her.we still could talk on the phone, joke around,etc. then she moved away...things got alot better while she was gone.we truly missed eachother,and when we finally saw eachother,things were great. but then it all went downhill..she seemed irritated all the time,angry.pissed off at me, over stupid * * * *./ so we fought alot. then i started to feel like she didnt care anymore,and it affected my job....we got in a huge fight 2 weeks ago and trhings have been different ever since.she no longer calls me. i havent talked to her in like 6 days,.but i dunno what to do. she once understood me, and i remember her tellin me i deserved someone who treated me good....and she wont even answer her phone now.shes acting as if she doesnt care,when all ive done is care about this girl should i move on,or what?i know, your gonna say shyes an immature 16 year old,but shes actually really mature.. and i cant stop thinking abo ut her, and the good times we had. any advice?

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Hey, I myself have met every guy i have dated online. Mainly because that is the only place i ever looked. I liked to talk to people and its so easy to connect with someone over the phone, in IM's and then on dates. The man i am with now (and have a kid with) met online. So ive done all this myspace online dating stuff lol. I saw your yahoo name and tried to message you to talk but you were offline. If your interested in my views just message me back.

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Hmm, maybe you should find someone older and stop messing with underage girls!


I'm not trying to be mean, but I really have very strong views about stuff like this. My fiancee has a bit of a past, for example when HE was 22 he was sleeping with a 16 year old and when he was 19, a 14 year old... and it really disturbs me. Hope you find someone a little bit older and um, legal...



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i remember her tellin me i deserved someone who treated me good....


This translates to: I am never going to care enough about you to treat you the way that you deserve and, if you keep coming back, it will get worse.


I'm sorry you're hurting. It sucks to be in that situation. However, she's 16 and, quite frankly, way out of the age range of people you should be looking to date. Not from even a legality aspect, as it varies, but from a "point in life" aspect.


There are numerous threads on NC and 'moving on'. I would suggest you start there.

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The reasons why she is acting like she doesn't care anymore are irrelevant, but I have to say it sounds like she is currently not interested in a relationship with you.


I don't know if you were officially dating or what went on but she should have given you an explanation if she was going to stop answering her phone and talking to you, in any case, you should move on, let her know you won't contact her again and don't look at her MySpace in the future(it can get ugly).


If you think you did something really wrong during the relationship do apologize, and make sure you don't make that(those) mistake(s) again.

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