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i dont know whether to get help or not. Confused !

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I dont know whether i should get help or not. Sometimes i feel depressed and when i feel like that i tend to cry and it happened a couple of days ago. I guess some of yall know my situation. And thank you for those people that helped. If you take a look at my previous post regarding my past relationship you can tell what i've been through. I know that feelings do get hurt and i've never gotten hurt so bad. this was my first real relationship i had before where i thought that this guy really loved me. But when i saw how bad i was getting treated by him i've never had so many problems myself. I was normal, i never had gained so much weight in my life, i never had to be on hormone pills and blood pressure pills i was just plain normal and for once i had my life in control. And now after this long i have to suffer for what he had put me through. There is so much anger in me right now. i've never been so angry and emotional in my life. i lost myself esteem, i have no more confidence in me anymore, i dont know how to make my new husband happy. The previous relationship i had before really put a big toll on my life big time and when i tried to confront these things to my ex before it seemed like he has done his job and gotten rid of me. And after all this from this momment i have to pay for what he's done to my life. This hurts so much its like i want to be able to cry all the time and keeping these all bottled in myself i burst and cry my eye's away. i dont know whats wrong with me anymore, i want my old life back, i want things to go back to normal again and it seems like thats impossible to do at this momment. i dont know what to do anymore i really dont. i tried to talk to my husband about this still he does not undestand how i feel, i tried talking to my mom still she does not know how i feel. its like nobody understands me anymore.

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Therapy. I'm in it too.


Everyone has problems, go to someone who can help you.


Life is hard, it can bring you really down, but you have to try and get help. You can go to a doctor and get help. Be active in trying to find happiness, you deserve to be happy and satisfied with life.


Your not alone, don't be afraid to get help.

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Instead of therapy I suggest you lean on someone you are close to. Either a family member or friend that you've known for a long time. Talking to someone you know is a lot easier than talking to a shrink.


If you can't talk to your husband or mom that's ok, a best friend is someone who you should be able to run to in times like these.

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