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Newborn babies in hospitals?

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Do they still take a baby away from their mother and put them in that little glass thing and then put them on display in a room separate from their mothers?

That seems so arcaic, to separate a newborn from it's mother. It must be so scary for the baby.

It makes me want to avoid hospitals and doctors all together when I am pregnant.

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are you pregnant right now? If you get pregnant one day, ask your friends who delivered their babies and if they were happy with the experience. Talk to several people you trust, get recommendations, then talk to the doctor yourself before you sign up to be his patient. I'm sure that there are doctors and hospitals out there that will accommodate your needs.

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With my nephew, he was taken straight to the nursery without my sister even seeing him because he was so big and had to be suctioned out after forceps failed. She didn't get to see him until he was already like 6 hours old. With my niece, she was taken straight to the warmer, cleaned up, given a shot, and wrapped in a blanket before my sister could hold her.


I held her first though Something was wrong with my sister moments after the baby was born and the doctor had no choice but to hand her to whoever was closest to him. and it was me

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With our children, we could choose whether the baby spent time in the room or in the nursery. Sometimes if mom needs some rest it is helpful to have the nurses care for the baby for a couple of hours.


My wife had a c-section for all three kids so those few hours of day were very helpful for her recovery. The rest of the time the baby was in the room.

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when I had my first they did that, I didn't even get to see her for like 3 hours after she was born, but my second I did research and found a hospital that would let me keep her, they did the bath, the baby warmer, the weighing in and all that right in the room and I got to keep her with me the whole time, except for when I wanted I could send her to the nursery (which I did when I took a shower and stuff)

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