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Just curious.

Who here doesn't wear makeup AT ALL?

No foundation, no eyeliner, no eyeshadow, no lipstick, nothing...


LoL I don't even know a lot about makeup and don't even want to learn how to apply it.

I guess the fact I don't wear makeup is part of the reason why I'm considered one of the guys.


Some of my friends think I wear atleast a LITTLE make-up and was surprised I didn't... not even foundation.

And they say I look really pretty.


I won't even wear foundation when I sometimes have some pimples on my face.

I feel like I should be proud of who I am and not be ashamed of such a petty thing as a pimple by trying to cover it.

I say pimples are natural. Get over it.


The only make up I used to wear was eyeshadow for about 2 years in high school.

I passed that phase.


And when people compliment me on my looks, I feel a lot better knowing I didn't cover any "flaws" and try so hard...

If I wore makeup and someone complimented me, I would think, "Yeah well I bet you wouldn't feel the same if I DIDN'T wear makeup."


Compliments mean a lot more when you're natural and know you didn't try so hard to look pretty.




(I would create a poll, but I can't find the "Yes, post a poll!" checkbox anywhere... I guess that's just for moderators...)

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I may wear it on a rare occasion like Halloween, I don't like the feel of anything except light moisturizers on my skin. I have blemishes and my skin scars easily, but I hate cover-up it feels like paste. I'm lucky that my natural lip color is dark and my eyes are large and don't need much emphasis. I pluck my eye brows, wash my face, put on lotion, thats about it.

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I usually only wear a little bronzer & chapstick. But I just bought bare minerals & its great. I dont feel like Im even wearing make up. If you dont like foundation put on a little blush, or light shimmer powder/bronzer. So now I wear bare minerals,& chapstick. If my allergies arent bad a little mascara.

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I used to feel the same way about makeup. Never wore any, didn't know anything about putting it on, etc. I thought it was lame that people spent so much time trying to look pretty or "cover up" what they really looked like.


Then I went to boarding school, and all the girls thought I was weird for not wearing any makeup or doing anything with my hair. I didn't really care what they thought, but they were all "omg can we please give you a makeover, please?"

And I'm like "I guess it couldn't hurt for a night.


It's amazing how much one cosmetic can enhance your appearance. I have really long blond-ish eyelashes, so my eyes were emphasized a lot by mascara. I was amazed.


After that, it didn't take long until I experimented with other cosmetics (often instructed by the girls I lived with). Now, when I go out, I wear a bit of powder (good to keep your face from looking greasy), a subtle blush (becuase the powder makes my face too pale and monochromatic), some mascara and some eyeliner.


The way I look at it, I'm only enhancing or making more noticeable certain parts of my face that are already there. I'm not drastically changing my appearance, and I don't spend enormous amounts of time on it. So what's the harm?

I got plenty of compliments without makeup, and I still get compliments. I don't feel the need to validate my looks with other peoples' compliments, but either way, my makeup applied in such a way that others are sometimes surprised to hear I wear any at all.


All in all, I guess I understand your point of view on makeup becuase I used to have the same one. But...I think it's really about how the makeup is done.

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EMBRACE YOUR FRECKLES!!! I love my freckles, I don't know why people think they need to be covered. I see freckles on people and I think they're cute. Its part of your face, I think it adds character, the makeup adverts with the solid color faces that have to have color added back look so fake. I hate adverts specifically aimed at covering up freckles, I don't want to hide mine. I have moles and freckles everywhere, I like each one of them. I was actually disappointed when one of my favorites started to fade the past couple years.

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Freckles are CUTE! I wish I had some. lol.




Dude, I just joined this forum late last month. Gimme a break.


One I am not a "dude"

Two I was giving you this link so you could get a feel for what others who may not post as much once said.

Calm down a bit its just being helpful nothing else.

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Sounds like maintaining healthy skin is important to you, and 20 is a good age to get into good skin-care habits. Sunscreen or sunblock every day, cleanse and moisturize every night. Find a good cosmetologist and get facials as needed.


And while you're at it, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to declare your choice the universal best option and judge use of make-up. Personally I find it freeing to have as many options as possible. Leave yourself room to change your stance for future situations that might require it.


A really good friend of mine has fabulous skin and doesn't need makeup. But she's got a certain image to meet at work, and that requires light makeup. At 20, you can argue with this, and yeah, it rots that society places these expectations on women. At 30-plus, some of us choose our battles.

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CarnelianButterfly, with my freckles, I REALLY look like my mother. She and I have a lot of freckles on our face. My mom hates that about her face and she nags me about my freckles. She thinks I am out in the sun too much.


I also think freckles look better on a whiter complexion than a darker one. Also my freckles are smattered all over my face.


Just this weekend, I went up by my folks and I saw my brother. Both my brother, aunt and cousin commented on how dark I am (I seem to get a tan from swimming)

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Ren, you're a beautiful person, I think you're adorable. You're Mom shouldn't bug you about freckles, its not like they will go away via nagging. Don't let her get you down because she can't accept her own features. You are who you are.


My only issue with my freckles and moles is that my family has a fairly common occurrences of skin cancer so I always keep an eye on the dark ones.

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I don't wear makeup generally. I actually think I look better without it.


I do sometimes wear some foundation if I'm at work since the fluorescent lights go right through my translucent skin and I look... odd.


If I'm going out for a night on the town, I will wear some light makeup, pale eyeshadow, a bit of liner, tinted lip gloss and I'm good to go. It's more so that my face will have some shape in the dark light than it is for "beauty" or anything else.

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Most days, make-up for me is: sunscreen chapstick and lipgloss, sunscreen w/ a light concealer in it, and mascara.


I like playing with make-up, but can't be bothered to wear it all the time. Too much time/work! lol. I use it mostly for fun and according to appropriateness.


I spend a lot of time on my skin. That's where I spend most of my beauty-time.

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