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Tell Us Your Success Stories


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Reading this forum is helping me little by little with my problems. I think that some success stories would be helpful as well. I would like to start hearing about how people found little steps to take for the cure.


For example, I get jealous when my partner looks at other women when I am walking with him. I laugh at it because his behavior is so adolencent, but it still gets me mad. So the tool I came up with is when we are walking in a mall or a flea market, I walk ahead of him and have a good time or I loose him for a few minutes. Then he tries to keep up with me, but I still walk ahead of him and shop and pay no attention to him. The only positive results I see coming out of this is I will more confident in myself and pay less attention to his attempt to belittle me. I am starting to learn that he is more insecure than I am. He knows my weaknesses and he will pry on them when he gets mad at me instead of fighting with me. I keep telling myself...good always overcomes evil. When I do this, in the end, he looses because he no longer sees me get mad. I hope this TOOL helps some other folks. The search for the cure goes on!

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I would like to start hearing about how people found little steps to take for the cure.


For me it wasnt a little step, but coming here helped me realize that I need to put my foot down and do what's right, not continue to do what I think will make others happy, or hold on to a small chance of hope for a miracle that will never happen.


I cant say yet whether or not this is a good thing, but so far it feels great to know that I have realized that its time for me to allow myself to try to be happy. If I fail at finding peace, atleast I can have comfort in knowing that I was able to make the choice for myself and did my best without letting anything stop me from trying.

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A long, long time ago there was a girl who was jealous of a lot of people.


Then she chose to live solely for herself and hedonism (ill advised, but very interesting!) and a lot of people became jealous of HER.


It's not really a success story, more an observation that the more you focus on enjoying yourself, the better and more enviable your existence.

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I was born messed up in the head, god tuck some time out to mess with me. Im dyislexic and Bipoler and O/C then he gave me an IQ 1 1/2 that or normal, So I know whats wrong with me and lots of spear brians to spend on my F*** ups.


O the joy full years of self harm and pain, but I found I was good a doing some stuff


Painting saved me from bad kids at school and my spelling.


I larnt to read and the opened the door to knolage.


Computers are parts of my mind, I am IA


I life school at 15 1/2 with no qolifactions and know idear what to do.

I got a job as a tea boy at a Enganiring company, at


18 put my self throw an aprentisship.


21 quit my job got a job doing nights and put my self throw High school in one year.


22 headed off to Art collage


23 University and a Fine Art DA Hons


24-25Cuz of mad head got throw off Art DA hons after 1st year got summer job after sorting head out and redid year one paying my own way.


27 GF left a year early had a brake down Dumped by love of life, headed of to hospital walked out and back to Unity finished BA headed home to fall apart.


27-28 had 3 one man art shows in a year sold some art, got a job working with desabeld kids, worked in USA for a time.


28 got a job as a researcher in VR as and art form payed and did my Mphil

got a job working in VR on the Web


29 Got a job in London working in VR


32 Got a Job making Film TV VFX for BBC on Walking with dinos,.


35 met my wife who's from China fell in love


36 Marred and happy


37 Started PhD at UCL


40 today here and now, still doing film/tv VFX worked all the Potter films and many more, have garte home and grate wife, just been to China and Holand. My old love lives 30 miles from where she was barn with the second guy she ever dated and I was the 1st. I am no longer the boy I was and have been and done things in the last 40 years which have been pour joy. When I was dumped at University it made me, it make me push myself even more to do garte things. I know thats some where there is that happy life with my true love where we are happy but the life I have nows the my wife who I love so much more and deeper that I ever loved my true love.


It soulds odd but my pain made me, My brother is not like me and my farther has told me he could not have done what I have done.


It comes down to taking the cards you have and dealing with them, I know my mind is broken and I dont care I love my life. When the dark days come I know there is light at the end all I have to do is wait until the wave moves on and I can be myself again.


Its like that for so many of us here we move throw our lifes and cope the best we can, for me that was never enough I wonted more I wonted to be like the well kids that have brains that work right and looked grate who would go on to have good lifes. Me I wonted that and thats what I set my mind and body to.


I look back at the 1st half of my life and see I did all right but I must ask what shall I do next and that is where hope lyes.


Our story's are not over

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