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My counselor said I should consider getting a pet

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I went to my counselor today, and he told me that I should consider getting a pet. A pet can be very theraputic, and help me keep my mind from being so anxious(and combat some loneliness I am having).

I told him that I have two gerbils(Sophocles and Shakespeare), but he said I should try one more interactive.

I had a dog over a year ago. But I had to take him back. Dogs are so noisy and high maitenence.

I think I want a cat. I basically want a pet that I can keep in the house, and on my lap. I love cats because they are: quiet, clean, and with just enough interaction they are happy.

However, I fear for the lives of my gerbils.

But, overall, I think it is a good idea.

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Pets are cool. I have four guinea pigs and they are so funny and watching them interact with each other is great too. They are also great for boosting a depressed heart and soul. I remember coming home after long days at work and school and hearing the pigs chirp and wheek at me for food, cheered me up. I also love to cuddle with my pigs (with a towel of course) and feel them snuggle against me. That gives me a lot of inner warmth and strength.


If you get a cat, make sure you dont have allergies. I found out 2 years after I got guinea pigs that I was highly allergic to them. I am also allergic to cats. I take meds to deal with my guinea pig allergies and I also dont handle them a lot because they give me skin rashes.


Hey, maybe you should get some guinea pigs.


Otherwise, a cat is pretty cool. My ex-best friend has a cat and he is pretty nice, although pretty independent.


As for the gerbils, make sure they have a top on their cage so the cat dont get at them

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Well cats aren't necessarily quiet or clean or content to hang out on your lap.


It's true they do clean themselves (and know how to crap in a box) but my cat LOVES to knock things off shelves. Heck this morning I found 1/2 the contents of one my cupboards knocked down into the sink.


I love my cat, she hella cool, but I just wanted to let you know that for the first couple years, they are kind of a handful.

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I like cats and they are a pretty good idea for indoor pets. As long as your gerbils are caged it shouldn't be a problem. I agree that cats the first year or so are quite the explorers. I got two of my cats at the same time when they were little, so they always have had a buddy and were not getting into stuff quite as much as a lone cat might.


As you said, cats are much cleaner than dogs, not noisy, and do not require you to take them outdoors to do their " business". PLus they don't eat nearly as much as a dog would.

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Pets are THE best thing to get you through rough times. My BF has bi-polar. Ever since we got Shiva, a rodesian ridgeback cross, his mood swings have become less and less and he finds rational ways of dealing with his thoughts and emotions instead of letting them overwhelm him. Before we got Shiva we got two kittens, Kharn and Kension. When we broke up he kept Shiva and I got the boys (cats, both from the same litter so they are twins) they honestly helped me so much when I felt alone. Especially when they come looking for your love and attention. It makes you feel like you've got something to live for. I honestly don't know weather I wouldnt've survived my break up with out them (even though we are back together now). I highly recommend getting two as well, cause that way when you are out partying when life gets better, they will still have company...

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I used to have a real big dog. He was great. I loved him and he was my best friend.


I want a dog really bad, but nowadays my schedule with work and other stuff keeps me away from home for such long stretches, I don't think I can have one now. I'm afraid the doggy will get lonely or something. Plus how will he let himself out to pee? I don't have a complete fence.

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Fox - cats are great for anxiety. I've got two girls. The gerbs. should be no problem as long as you supervise them when out of their cages.


I used to get panic attacks at night, and the furballs really helped a lot. The purring, petting them, getting kisses and having them 'making muffins' on my back is all so reassuring. It's grounding, and I confess to telling them my woes on more than one occasion.


They're also good for some silly laughs. And they are relatively cheap to keep!

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id highly reccomend a pet. im a dog person so id probably reccomend one.

i rescued a pup almost two years ago. it was during a very tough time in my life personally and she certainly helped. shes awesome.

dogs are loyal and make great companions. its great therapy and all they need is alittle love.

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Cats are a bit independent and selfish.


A dog can be very loving but is high maintenance.


I think that you should get a large rodent (rat, rabbit, guinea pig), they tend to be very cuddly (in rats, make sure you get a male) and are larger then gerbils.

I concur, these are quite lovable and fairly low maintenance.

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I was considering ferrets, but they cost 200 dollars a piece at the pet store...lol.


I think I would rather have cats. I read about them quite often and their personalities match my own. Plus, I love that they are small, independent, and show affection on their own terms.

I love dogs, but, as of now, I don't want a pet that requires that much attention.


I was thinking about larger rodents...But rabbits, albeit very cute, are high matinence little critters. I love Gerbils. Feed them, clean their cage, and play with them and they are happy...However, they don't offer that same level of companionship that a dog or cat can.


I do like rats though. I may consider though.


I love animals that clean themselves....lol

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I love cats, though my kitty lives back with my parents now. Just be aware some of them are more "aloof" than others, and they have their own unique personalities.


As for the gerbils...depends on the cat. My cat always expressed "interest" in my siblings gerbils and hamsters, and would watch them for hours, but never went for them. Other cats are a little more...dedicated to pursuing the interesting critters...


And don't write off rabbits so quickly! I have one, and he is tons of fun.


They need attention so they remain on good terms with you..lol, but they really are lower maintenance than I expected in terms of actuak care, can be litter trained, and like cats have their own personalities.


Mine LOVES to be given head rubs and is quite entertaining and silly.


And he's small (2 lbs), independent and shows affection on HIS terms..haha.


Contrary to popular belief, rabbits can be quite outgoing. You do have to be careful to bunnyproof as they can chew wires (but so can cats!).


And I tell you it's so fun seeing how nuts he goes over cheerios and dried cranberries.


P.S. Rabbits are NOT rodents, they are lagomorphs!

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I had what is called a fancy rat before. He was very smart and loved to be held. I have also heard that rats are very friendly, they dont bite like hamsters and gerbals.. well not as much because they are intelligent creatures.


A cat would be good, keep in mind they do have different personalities, but if you get a kitten young as possible and give it lots of attention and handle it as much as possible. The kitty will get used to you and to being held. My cat likes to stay on my lap alot! Sometimes I tell him that he thinks he is a dog. LOL..


Also there are many many cats that need good homes, if you check at your local animal shelter you may find just the cat that you look at and want to bring home, Im sure the kitty would love you for it.

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I adopted an old cat once from the shelter. He was 13 years old at the time. He had been given up for adoption by and old man that had cancer and could no longer care for the cat. The cat was so starved for someone to love him and care for him.


I had him for three years before he died. But he was a joy to have, as he loved every moment that he was held, petted and loved. So even some old cats are just a much as joy as a young kitten. I have had both.

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