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My counselor said I should consider getting a pet

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Ive had both too. The best cat, or my favorite was a stray. I named him Sonshine because he was a bright gold tabby. He was missing half his tail and looking at him you would think that he was rough and even mean. But I will tell you he loved to be petted. With him, I didnt keep him indoors because he was already an outside cat and was not young either im guessing at least a few years old. He would come home every day though to eat, and to nap on the couch or under the fish tank.


Older cats can be great too, I agree.

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Gerbs are great for distraction, company, etc. but I understand they can be a bit small for cuddling and the like. Anyway, as long as the cage is cat-proof your gerbils should be okay, just don't have them together in the same place, (some cats hide and wait until the cage is open during cleaning days or whatever), if the cat knows the rodents are part of "the family" no huge problems should exist.

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Today I went and adopted my first cat. He's a five-year-old, gray, short haired, tabby/Maine Coon mix named Ash.


I already adore him...lol. I am going to have some pictures of him, that I've already taken, developed and show him off. He is beautiful(and huge. He weighs 19 pounds, and he ISN'T overweight). The funniest thing is that he is such a big cat, but has the sweetest bell of a voice...lol.

Right now he is sitting atop my night stand watching me type...He's great.


I already realize the benefit of having a pet like him.


To anyone considering getting a pet adopt one from a local shelter. Those animals really appreciate it.

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Awww, that is great! He sounds beautiful. Love the coon-mixs. I'm also so so happy another 'slightly older' cat has a home.


Enjoy! Want to see pics.


I adopted my first girl when she was 9 yrs old. A senior citizen. No one wanted her, but I could tell she was just perfect for me. So much personality and smarts.

I've had a soft spot for older pets my whole life. Their personalities are set and developed, they've mellowed, and I just love 'em. I feel special to be able to share 'the golden years' with 'em. Got one young cat, but she's not technically mine for keeps. lol. She's great, but a baby.


Anyhoo, my 'baby' is now making her ways in the double digits. You'd be surprised how long some cats can live good lives with love and a warm home.


Yah! Have you chosen a name for him?

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I am thinking about naming him either: Dorian Gray or Winston Churchhill...


But I rather like the name Ash. Because he is an ashy color, and he answers to that name...


Still deciding on that. But I agree with you about older pets...They have their personality and they are so sweet...lol.

I love him already.

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