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The dating game

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Do have good personal hygiene

Do have manners

Do have respect for her

Do compliment her

Do make sure you have breath mints

Do be yourself


Do not be rude to her or others around you - big turn off

Do not take a bath in cologne before you meet with her

Do not try too hard to make a situation romantic ~ sometimes the most romantic moments happen when you least expect it

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Don't kowtow to her, don't think you will win her by being nice to her. If you are nice, you are. You should not get anything in return for it.


Don't just do what she wants. Have a plan, take charge, when you take her out, know where you are going, what you are doing, etc.


Listen when she talks, make eye contact while she is speaking, hold it right on her eyes as she finishes, then begin to speak yourself.


When you do give her something, give it to HER. It should not happen until she is yours, as in a girlfriend. Flowers can be given to any woman, pick out things only she will appreciate. Give to her soul.


Don't give all the time. Let her miss you. Make sure there is time for her to miss you. If you are always there, then she will probably grow tired of you. Have your own life, your own things to do. Be independent. Don't need her.

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Wow, all responses save one was from ladies and I have yet to hear advice telling you to be flirty, to tease her, give her crap in a fun way, etc. You want to keep the conversation light, fun, and teasing. If she asks what you do for a living and you are a skinny guy, tell her that you are a lumberjack and see how far you can take it before she realizes your full of it. If you are a macho buff guy, tell her that you do something that is usually associated with wimpy guys. If she asks you how old you are, make her guess. Keep it challenging and fun, don't be an open book.


Also, ask her questions, learn far more about her than she is learning about you. Stay off topics such as the war, the weather, blood guts, video games, computers, etc unless she is big into one of those topics. Never talk about ex relationships and change the subject if it is brought up.


As far as complimenting, it's good to use one compliment a night. You don't want to overdo it and make it look like you are not confident and need to compensate for that by flattering her. You job is not to please her, it's to have fun. If you are having fun, she will too.

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You know it's simply not possible to put into a single post what to do, unless you try something like the thread yous tarted, which I mostly agree with, but not entirely. It's something you need to study, read about, then try somethings, see what works for others, try other things, find some things that work for you. It's not something you can teach in five minutes and know. It's something you learn about, and learn how to do, then refiine and improve, CONTINUALLY.


And women tell you about how they think they want to be treated. But quite often, their actions would not follow their words. Too many women complain about jerks, then continue to date them. When you realize why jerks dates, you can use that and still be a nice guy. But you know this, or a lot of this, and you have obviously studied it.


There is a clear difference between what society teaches and how people really act. Much of society and many mothers teach boys to act in a manner that is how they hope the world works. You first have to question what you've been taught in order to get to what works. You have to challenge the old beliefs, begin to disbelieve them, and then bottom out before getting on a path to learnign the truth.


If you could read my first few posts on hear, I was spitting out the same crap about being nice to people and telling them how you feel. Then I read "Art of Seduction" which challenged those ideas and made sense. I had a fast epiphany. I also realized that I had never done certain things, when I succeeded. Some people need to bang their heads against the wall for years. I know a few who have seen the light, after things I have told them on this forum over the few years. Many more still are banging the wall.


But it's not a one post thing. It's a lifelong process. because you need to rememebr that ocne you get the girl, and marry her, the game changes, and you need to adapt to succeed.

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But it's not a one post thing. It's a lifelong process. because you need to rememebr that ocne you get the girl, and marry her, the game changes, and you need to adapt to succeed.


I'm well aware of all of that, I just found it funny that after like 7 posts no one even mentioned one of the most important things, and that is being fun, flirty, and a challenge.

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one of the most important things, and that is being fun, flirty, and a challenge.


I think the most important thing is you thinking you have some worth, that you are worth their attention, them wanting, that you are worth being loved by them. And if you don't think so, finding ways in which to fake it.

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