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Hey guys, I am new to this forum -- but am very curious about something, and it's hard to talk to people you KNOW about this stuff (at least for me).


After a stressful year of some losses in my family, planning a wedding, and a passive aggressive boss at work, I was at witts end. I was snapping at the most mondane things and taking the littlest things WAY to seriously -- having a VERY hard time just "taking it easy." I had tried St. Johns Wort but had some stomach issues with it. My doctor suggested I try Lexipro for 3 months -- which I am now at the tail end of. However since starting I have switched doctors (we moved) and this new doctor may differ in opinion on the medication then the dx who prescribed it -- thus my looking for some feedback.


Now, for me, I feel the lexipro has helped me significantly, but I also think since the wedding is behind us, my families' situation is much better, and work has lightened up -- that may be a big part of this as well! I think the year more than anything set me into a tailspin because I normally handle most situations well, and never felt the way did prior to the medicine. So I am not sure now if it's the medicine making me view things differently, or if it's my body's way of saying that I really AM feeling better and that I am ready to move on from the medication.


I wanted to know, if anyone here HAS come off of lexipro --- how they went about it? Cutting the dose back and weening off of it or cold turkey, and how the transition was for you.


Since I have only been on it a few months, I was told that any transition wont be as severe as if i were on it for years -- but again, i'd like to at least have some outside feedback on how people have handled this situation.


I thank you for reading this and I hope to hear back from someone.


Thank you.

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NEVER NEVER stop taking anti-depressants cold turkey. You need to be weened off of them, just like you started them gradually, you need to come off of them gradually. Only your doctor or psychiatrist or the like can do that. Even though you new doc doesn't agree with you taking it...it is his or her responsibility to take you off of it safely. Take care and good luck.

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Myself being a pharmacist, i can give you info on lexApro, but kellbell did say it as simple and complete as possible, dont ever go cold turkey off an antidepressant. You have to be weened off. I dont know what dose you're on at the moment, im assuming 20 mg. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks just to get the peak effect of drugs in that class, and just as long to get a patient off them, usually in 2 week intervals of dose titrations. I know you may feel like you're fine now, but you've got to realize the medication is also probably taking its peak effect now, so i wouldn't be able to tell you what to do next, only a psychiatrist would be able to figure that out upon evaluating you.

It is true to an extent that being on it only a few months as opposed to years will effect your withdrawal from the medication in a positive way. Antidepressants basically work by reconfiguring a chemical imbalance in your brain, serotonin in the case of lexapro, and change the amounts of it circulating through your body, and this takes time to do, and the same way it will take time to reverse the process, and if not done accordingly, there can be some serious adverse effects.

Once again, it is difficult to say whether or not you can come off the medication just like that at the moment, a psychiatric evaluation would only determine that.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

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I was on Lexapro for a good part of 2004. When I started, my doc told me I had to agree to take it as prescribed for a minimum of 6 mos. or it would be a waste of her time and mine. I wound up taking it for 8 mos, and took about 3 weeks to taper off it, reducing the dosage per her instructions.


I was only taking 10mg a day, so you might need longer to taper off since you were taking more. Talk to your doctor about how to taper off the Lexapro safely.


I felt physically crappy during the taper off - headachy, tired and just feeling out-of-sorts. Also a little foggy mentally. That all resolved itself after I'd been completely off the Lexapro for about 2 weeks after the tapering off period.

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First off my SINCERE apologies about the spelling!!!


And thank you all for the comments and help. I hope I didn't make it seem like I was thinking about going cold turkey -- I was more concerned with other people's reaction TO coming off the medicine, more than HOW they came off of it (because that's the factor I was going to discuss with him in a few days - and the process he felt I should use). I definatly will NOT go cold turkey!


And Tears May Fall, I am not sure if this changes anything, but I am taking 10 mg pills (one per day). My doctor felt that my situation wasn't extreme enough to warrant a 20 mg dose -- but he did feel that help was warranted.


My only MAIN reason for concern was that I was changing doctors - and I wanted to have some prior knowledge of the process before going in to speak with him.


Thank you all again -- and if anyone else has anything to offer with this, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Corybrock,


Like Tearsmayfall, I am a pharmacist too. Even though you are on 10 mg of Lexapro daily, you should not stop taking it "cold turkey". You need a period of titrating this medication down. Your physician would be the best to ask how long this weaning period should be.


Hope this helped,


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Well after meeting with my doctor, it has been advised that for three weeks I take a half a dose, then the next three weeks, i take a half a dose every other day, then for two weeks take a half a dose every third day.


again, thank you all for the information and guidance with this. It's the first time i've ever had to deal with something like that -- and I apologize for my lack of knowledge!

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I am also thinking about getting off of Lexipro myself. I have been on several different anti-depressants in the past few years and they all have a very different affect on me. The stressers in my life that made me want to take them are all gone now and I think I am ready to deal with my life un-medicated. The weaning off regimine that you posted makes sense to me and I am going to try it. It has been a while since you posted this....how did it work for you?

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Hello there... i just stared taking lexipro today. i suffer from anxiety. i'm a creative person, slight depression. want to say thanks to the feed that you guys are talking about v informative. my life been {mod edit} for the past 8 months, had about 6 different jobs, lost girlfriends, not able to make decisions for myself moved states back to my parents which is also freaking me out abit. I'm hoping Lexipro will shut that negative little voice out of my mind and let me as Hunter S. Thompson said... "By my ticket and go along for the ride". I'm reading to take my life back and free myself from this debilatating anxiety...


Any feedback from users who can relate would be totally appreciated.

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