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Laser Eye Surgery dont fall for TBP

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I have a very strong prescription, and I can't really wear contacts anymore because they irritate my eyes due to years of overwear. I hate wearing glasses though because they make my eyes look so tiny.. I've been thinking of laser surgery but I'm still unconvinced that it is worth the risk.

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I had laser surgery more than 10 years ago and I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to have perfect eye sight. I remember looking out of my window that first morning after having it done, it was fanastic to see each and every leaf on a neighbours tree, and then to go swimming and actually see the people around me, instead of blurry figures, having no clue where my children were etc and not walking in the mens changing rooms, as I have done previously lol, very embarrassing I can tell you..


Of course there are risks, but I went to a Private clinic called Optimax in Bristol, UK and have NEVER regretted having it done, not even for a fleeting moment and can recommended them to anyone.

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A friend of mine is in medical school. He went to a lecture given by a doctor who does the surgery, and the doctor went on and on about LASIK surgery and how it's great. A student in the audience raises his hand and says, "If it's so great, why are you wearing eyeglasses?"


The doctor said, "well, I need my eyes for my line of work."


If the doctor's not comfortable with getting the surgery done.... then.... I don't know if I want it either....

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Some people are comfortable wearing glasses, I was not and wore contact lenses for many years. I had sooooo many problems with them, at one point the lining of my eye came away and was like crinkled 'clingfilm' and I was afraid I'd lose my sight. It's one of the reasons I chose laser surgery. Each to their own, I feel.

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I think that's wrong as they also do cataract surgery at the clinic I went to. But if you are unsure, you should make sure that ALL your doubts and fears are discussed before you even think of sitting in that chair. But as I already said, I have had NO regrets in the 10 years I have had it done. Best of Luck.

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The idea here isn't to AVOID laser eye surgery, its to not go CHEAP. If you were having any other type of surgery, you wouldn't go for some kind of deal would you? You'd want the best you can...don't stinge when it comes to your health.


My dad has had laser eye surgery and its fine for him. During the first couple of months, his vision wasn't perfect. It was hard for him to read small things, and there were some things that were blurry at a distance, but they improved as time went on. He loves not having to wear glasses anymore and he says it helps its golf

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My boyfriend had it done last year. He says it's the best investment he has ever made (well besides me ).


He was apprehensive too, as many are, and his eye surgery ending up costing about $1600/eye (CDN) as he also had larger-than-average pupils which raises the price due to needing a different software. The first couple days sucked as his eyes were sore, then they needed lots of drops for another month, but now he is fine. They get a bit drier faster then they used to, or more tired after a long day, but no issues with halos, night vision, and WAY better for him. He is very outdoorsy, and its much easier to deal with dust from racing and so forth now! And he can have naps on couch without waking up with sore eyes from contacts.


A year on, and his vision is 20/15 in both eyes.


The key is to take your time, shop around, educate yourself, get consultations, referrals, talk to your doctors and make an educated decision. I know many many people whom have it done with no regrets and great results, but it's not for everyone (I watched the video of his procedure and it was enough to make me shiver, but of course I have great eyesight and am not in that position anyway!).

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Like with anything else, especially things invovling your health, if you are going to do it then do it right. Take the time to research and come up with a doctor who is reputable and affordable. Ask around and make an informed decision.


Though, whats wrong with glasses? They give a refined and sophisticated look and are very attractive.

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