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About Me

  1. Hello! I have a new female friend but I kinda can't call her a friend. We have been "friends" for about a year and it was going good and she is so nice. But she doesn't respond to my messages. Sometimes she'll not respond at all or sometimes days later. It's really annoying. For instance she messaged me last night and asked how I was (i've had minor surgery so can't leave my house). She msg me before the surgery and I said I will need visitors as I can't go anywhere. Then I didn't hear from her for over a week until last night. Then I respond enthusiastically to her message she was
  2. Happy Friday Everyone! I am a married female who has had a gay male best friend for over 45 years.....yes, we are getting old. My best friend played the organ at my wedding in 1979. My husband, myself and friend...I will call him Brady, all grew up together. My husband is not jealous so that was never an issue. So Brady and I usually talk everyday on FaceTime. We visit then say the Rosary together as we are Catholics. This year has been mega stressful for me. I had to go to court and take my granddaughter away from my oldest daughter due to abuse and neglect. My Mother went into extr
  3. I've always known I had issues with things like depression and anxiety, but after turning 25 recently it hit me how dysfunctional I am in general and I'm not sure what the best steps are to take to get help. I grew up with an alcoholic narcissist mother (father wasn't there much) and she sent me away to a wilderness and boarding school program at age 16. After getting out at age 18 I didn't know how to adjust back to the real world and started smoking weed all day every day. I also started stripping as I had issues keeping other jobs and focusing in school due to my addictions. It's now be
  4. has anyone had or known someone who has had a sinus lift and dental implants? how was the recovery? surgery? were they happy with the results? I'm pretty terrified of the idea but I think it will make a big improvement in my quality of life.
  5. Hello, So i am 20years old and i had a circumcision surgery last year. I didnt have a girlfriend that time so around 1 month ago almost a year after my surgery i was with a girl and i finally had sex after my surgery. Before my surgery i could last atleast for 10 minutes minimum but now i barely last 3 minutes, even less sometimes. We even had sex 3-4 times a day and even at that time i felt i was cumming at the very beginning let's say around 30-40 second? Like realllyyy fast. I am feeling very bad about this so this is why i made an account on this site just to ask if anyone knows anythi
  6. Ok so I'm sure some of you have read my post in the relationship thread about my fiance working out of town and us barely talking and so on. Basically what this boils down to is I'm unhappy. I have been extremely stressed due to the fact that he still has not been able to contribute to the Bill's at all. Except maybe $50. Now granted I can see where some of you would say he shouldn't have to pay for any of the bills here, if he's not currently here which I understand. but he's not even trying to help pay our cellphone bill. His solution to the fact that our phones are going to be shutoff is
  7. Hi ENA, I broke my ankle at roller derby on 1/28/19; surgery to repair the bimalleolar fracture on 2/5/19. I had physical therapy for about 2 months after I was mobile, but due to an insurance snafu, I had to discontinue it about a month ago. I was given clearance to begin skating lightly again on 6/27/19, but after three attempts, my ankle just isn't having any of it. I bought new skates that come up over my ankle (as the surgeon recommended), and I wear compression socks to improve circulation, but I can't wear any type of sleeve or brace because my skates would be too small (although
  8. Hi everyone, I had an abortion (surgery) three months ago and until then I did not have sex. And now since I feel that I'm healed completely I had sex with my boyfriend but it was so painful as if I'm having sex for the first time and it start bleeding, and I thought it was just because I don't had it for so long and so we attempt for the second time the next day and the same thing happen again he can't just get inside of me. Please help I'm really in need of your help.
  9. I'm 30 and he's 26. Our relationship was great! We had a couple small arguments in the past and he would call his mom to come get him and all his stuff at my house. The Longest we stayed broken up was a week and the shortest was a couple days, in which he would always call or text telling me how much he loves me and can't lose me and he's miserable without me so I would then go pick him and his stuff up and everything would be good he would promise me he wasn't going to run again but then it happened! Everything was good up until I had shoulder surgery and I remember asking him plenty about if
  10. Please help, i have been in a relationship for almost 4 years, one of them it was a long distance relationship but throughout the relationship there been a lot of fights and discussions, something that was weird but ultimately seemed normal, but as time goes by it has escalated. My gf main arguments is that I am not strong enough and I don't seem manly, that I am clumsy and that it seems as I was always with my head somewhere else, that I am slow, and she calls me a kid. I am an introvert, and I take my time to do things such as cooking something or sweeping the floor or such but I don't consi
  11. Hello, Im new here so not sure if this is the right place for this. Anyways over the last weekend my girlfriend of 2 years made the decision to take a break which caught me totally off guard. To get to the point a little quicker over the last year i got too comfortable and started to take her out less (almost never) and she started to feel neglected which I totally understand. I asked her to talk a few days later and we did for about 3 hours where I put it all on the plate admitting that I totally saw where I went wrong and that she means the world to me and that I can turn myself around. She
  12. I’m fragile. I’m so fragile that sometimes I hurt myself on purpose. I cut my hands open like they were in a need of a surgery when in reality they’re not. I like the pain the cuts make; I like the way the blood tribbles out of the wounds and runs down my arms; somehow it makes me feel safe again. Hurting myself makes me feel safer and calmer. I’m so fragile that I cry myself to sleep and hope to never wake up again. I cry in the shower and I cry in my room when my parents are in the living room watching TV-shows thinking I’m okay. They should think again because I’m way less than okay,
  13. Ok, my health isn't perfect. I have Fibromyalgia, Pernicious Anaemia and have had spinal surgery (injury related) and also recent major surgery to remove a huge blood clot (again caused by injury) that also required rib removal, vein graft and stent plus several blood transfusions. My bf and I have been discussing long term contraception options and neither of us want (or already have) children. The pill can cause hormonal imbalance and may induce risk of blood clots, so not at all ideal for me regarding my clinical history. Plus bf is steadfast against me taking the pill as it, obvious
  14. Not too sure if this belongs here. My ex gf and I were taking a break around march and we weren't contacting each other till may when she told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is of the strong character and sounded like all was gonna be well only that this next year would be pretty tough due to surgeries and chemo. Things ended not too well as I felt I was taken for granted so I was pretty much moving along with my life. This news came abou5 at the worst time because although I didn't want to see her because I was hurt I fel compelled to be there for her but it's making things
  15. I am 25 and I'm 5'5". Women hate short men. We can't make them feel "feminine" or "protected." And dating us is a liability because the kids will be short. And I understand...everyone has their preferences. Women almost universally want tall men, at least 5'10 or over, usually 6ft or more. I don't want to have to settle for someone I'm not attracted to. I have a handsome face, I'm in great shape, have a very good job...but the height ruins my entire package. I'd almost rather be butt ugly and tall, because then I could at least get plastic surgery. Plus, ugly men usually get a pass if they're
  16. I'm generally a very stable and rational kind of guy, or so I'd like to think. I don't suffer from any incontrolable emotions, phases etc. Apart from one... This is my neurosis, and I can't shake it. It's my physical appearance - namely my face. Starting literally since I was in primary school, I have been unable to judge how attractive I am - today, I'll look in the mirror one minute and see a genuinly handsome lookin face, but the next minute, I'll see the most awkward ugly mug on the planet. It even seems to differ hugely depending on the freaking mirror I'm looking at, or the ligh
  17. Hello to start. My wife and I have been together for 21 yrs.. owned several businesses and recently separated. Oct. I found out she was talking to an old class mate for 2 wks and confronted her and whoa, 2wks, SHE fell in love, talks of engagement, lots of pics in our home. Even when we decided to let her back home, the day of she texted him "I will always love you and am going home for the kids not him". Well I tried but could not get over it. She recently had major surgery and being the man for my kids and her I was there. Last week it escalated to the point of putting her out again because
  18. Hi, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 4 months. It's been going really well, he is very loving and kind. We get alone sooo well and thoroughly enjoy each others company. We have been away together several times during our short relationship. 3 weeks ago he went into hospital to have surgery. I helped him book the surgery date and encouraged him to go. I made sure he knew I would support him and be with him. After the survey he faced many complications (life threatening ) he was suppose to spend one night and has been there for over 3 weeks. The problem is I feel
  19. Hello all, I’m having surgery Monday. As some of you who have been following me on this crazy journey know, I’ve had a health scare that never got resolved. First there was the Urologist back in November who did a cystoscope and found my bladder to be normal on the inside. The biopsy came back benign of tissue she took. But she said the bladder mass was on the outside of my bladder. I then saw my Obgyn Who refused to operate because it was above his skill level. Which I’m grateful for his honesty. He referred me to a Urogynecologist whom couldn’t do anything so she then referred me t
  20. Bettyyy


    Hey, everyone I'm not even sure why I'm posting here. I guess it's because over time, this site was my go-to place when I was struggling. Either way, I am seriously considering suicide tonight. I found my Oxy pills from my last surgery that I never used. I know this will put my family through so much pain, and knowing that makes me selfish. But I just can't anymore. I'm tired of feeling like a failure and that no one will ever want me. I hope death really is as peaceful as they say. Thanks for all posts.
  21. Guys,anyone had varicose vein surgery?I had and I regret for the choice of clinic.It was used stripping method and nobody explained me anything.Now instead of veins I have 7 scars.On internet there is not much about these scars.Anyone knows what to do with scars?And how long it takes to heal scars?There is nothing much on internet.
  22. Hi, Sorry if it’s too long. First time doing this. My girlfriend is shutting me out again. We have lived together for about a year now and we love each other very much. She has been through a lot and I have tried to find ways to support her. At first I did not know how and I had to read a lot and learn a lot about myself and my actions. I've changed a great deal through her depression and anxiety issues. I have learned to be much more supportive and patient. Life for us is really tough right now though. We found out in January this year that her dad has cancer. He has won the battle
  23. Hello all, Why do all my relationships start hot/intense then fade within 2-3 months? I know that's a vague question to come from a stranger, but maybe some of you have experience in this. Since my 4.5 year relationship ended in 2012 I've had a series of short term trysts. Some I disengage, others it's the girl. I can never seem to get into real, long-term territory and it's quite vexing. I have casual hookups, we hangout for a few months then I back off. Maybe spark it back up when I'm in town or they're in my area but nothing concrete. My current "girlfriend" is phenomenal. We met i
  24. Yesterday I had surgery or a herniated disc in my neck. I was up and walking right afterward.. Meaning I walked to the bathroom. So this is my second day. Im on Oxycoone. I feel itchy with the bandage and wondering if the Oxycodone makes me itch? Has anyone gone through this type of surgery? By the way Im not required to wear a collar which is nice. I also have a sore thrat after the had to move my espophogus over in order to do surgery.
  25. I recently reconnected with an old childhood friend let's call him T, he asked for my number and started flirting with me a lot. I was sort of in a weird spot before I talked to him with this other guy B, he is also my childhood friends and he has helped me with a lot of tough situations in the pats he is honestly my best friend and I have hoped for almost a year that we would become more than that but it didn't work out because I dated B's best friend before and B has commitment issues. Anyway when T came along I sort of took the opportunity and talked to B and kind of ended my crush for B fr
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