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How long do ex stay in one's memories?

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It has been 4 months since I broke up with the one I love. And I am happier than ever in alot of ways. I have bonded with old friends again, got closer with certain family members. I could say that its true You cannot be friends with your ex, it will not work out. Just move on with life, and don't look back because the person that you were in love with does not exist anymore....


For those people finding it hard to forget about they're ex because they are on your mind all the time. Than remember this ..... It only takes a sec, a min, an hour, a day, a week to get to know someone. But it will take a LIFETIME to forget someone.... You must accept that the person you were in love with did exist at one point in time, but does not exist anymore.. They will forever live in your memory, and in your heart, trying to forget them is just a lie, accept the facts, and move on......... .....


And also remember, If you were meant for each other, than nothing could break you and your partner up.


In Vietnamese this is : Neu chung minh la cua nhau, thi khong co chuyen gi se chia re duoc chung ta.

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How long do ex stay in one's memories?


Unless you get hit with a baseball bat, you probably won't ever forget an ex.


Memories may fade, but you'll most likely not completely forget about them.


Later in life, alzheimer's might affect your long term memory but until then do other things to occupy your mind so that you don't obsess or dwell on the past.

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I split up with my ex a year and a half ago. It was my decision, and he had treated me badly for a number of months. However, I still find myself wondering what he's up to.


It can be hard to let go, but another motto to live by is ''whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger''.

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I too agree with others that even though I am no longer apart of their lives, and I have moved on, its hard to forget those that have left an impression in my life. Even though things didn't work out between us, I still cherish the fun and memorable times that I have spent with them.


Another reason its hard for me to forget about them is that each and everyone of my ex's have thought me a thing or two about life, and I have always carried it with me to this day.

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I agree, no one will ever just forget about their ex. You shared something special with them and that bond between you will never be completely broken. This is why I don't like when people talk about getting over someone. You never totally get over someone, you only move on.

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I don't think one will ever truly forget a significant ex. Are you ever going to forget one of your best friends? I think that while the bond will be severed, the memory of that time together will never leave. Whatever was, is. You are a product of that experience. Forgetting is unlikely.


Take care.

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It's been 1 1/2 months since my breakup and the memories still come to me way too often. No matter what I do there's always something to remind me of her. For example: I'm going to a concert this sunday with one of my best friends but it's not going to be easy to put the fact out of my head that my ex and I went on our first date to see this band. Or simple things like going shopping and seeing the kind of cookies you used to get so you could share them on the couch together... I never thought a good memory would be such a detriment. I would sometimes get a little mad at her when she couldn't even remember whether she'd seen a movie with me or not but I guess she's the lucky one in that regard now.


I'm doing pretty good at controlling it and thinking about something else when it happens to me during the day but it gets a lot harder when it's time to go to sleep. It seems like nothing is worse than waking up with vivid memories of the dream you just had with your ex--I know it stays with me all day when that happens.

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I read somewhere that a good thing to do when you start to think of your ex in terms of things like "oh those are the cookies she loved" or "oh she really loves this show" is to realize that your ex is not the only person who likes or does those things. There are millions of people around the world who eat the same cookies as your ex and there are lots of people who like that same band that you two like.

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