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Am I being foolish?


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My boyfriend broke up with me for about a month and a half. After he had made up his mind to break up with me but before he actually did he made out with some random girl he met at a bar. He told me in an e-mail while we were still broken up and I was angry at the time but now..


I dunno, I'm kind of confused and mostly because I still trust him. I really believe that he wouldn't have cheated if he wasn't planning on breaking up with me. Am I being foolish or realistic about the situation? I'd like to hear other's opinions.

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I think that people tend to focus too much on what cheating actually is instead of trying to deal with the problem. If you still trust the guy then for whatever reason you still have that trust, that seems strange in your situation but im sure there will be others that can relate. I would say as long as your reasoning makes sense to you for trusting him still then thats all that really has to make sense.

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Hi Liquid Cherry,


I can understand that if he decided things weren't working out and wanted to end the relationship, him being possibly interested in starting something new or even messing around a little, but I still think the decent human thing to do is to end his present relationship before he does that.


It does not negate the fact that he cheated. If he knew he wanted it over with you he could have and should have said so before he went and made out with someone else.


Just my opinion.

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I don't think what he did was right but I also don't think it should necessarily break up the relationship.


The main point is that, despite knowing what he did, you got back together with him. So I think you should now let it go and get on with making the relationship strong for the future.

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