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If I say no what if he dumps me?


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honey how old is your boyfriend?


dont ever let anyone pressure you into sleeping with them, if your not ready tell him that and if he doesnt respect your decision do you still want to be with him anyway? you still so young and sex complicates a relationship so much......


tell him how you feel, tell him your not ready and dont let him pressure you

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And and, yo, guys check it out!


Sex should not be taken so lightly. Go with your feelings, hun, and dump him! You have only been together for a short period. Trust me you will get hurt. You will be so much happier in a relationship where you and your BF do not disagree on this type of thing. You don't seem to want sex and stay strong. If he hates you for it, he was in no way worth your time in the first place.

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Yeah my bf wants to have sex with me but im scared to say no bcuz i dont want him to dump me what should I do?


Mayo, I just posted a reply to your other post in this forum


In addition to that reply, consider this one: You'll feel bad if he dumps you if you say 'no' to sex; but how will you feel if he dumps you after sex?


Don't do it. With sex in the picture, you have to start looking out for yourself -- because in some situations no one else will.

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Ur post was what do I do if he dumps me. What if he dumps you...? You are 13yrs old there are many other fish in the sea. I am not going to criticize because I have friends that starting having sex around that age, but I said no until just recently. (one of them even had a child at 16) I know it is definitely hard to deal with pressure and I just about lost a guy friend of mine because he wanted to be friends with benefits and I said no. My current boyfriend even assumed I had had sex before because of my age. I have never went out of my way to tell anyone if I was a virgin or not and I am proud I waited so long, but sometimes I wish I could've held out longer. If you lose him, it's his loss, not yours. Don't feel pressured by anyone else's opinion of yourself, respect yourself and it won't matter what they say. Self respect is something you can lose with virginity and it's alot harder to get back.

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