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  1. im caucasion and i have dated a biracial guy (caucasion and african american mix). My brother is the same as the guy i dated, and he has dated a black girl and a white girl. i dont see anything wrong with interracial dating, and the other races than me can be pretty hot too......
  2. when we get into people not being able to adopt, that make me peeved and really upset. If gay people can't adopt why should straight people be able to? if they werent able to, i wouldnt be here today. i was adopted into a "normal" family, my mom my dad me, and i have an african american brother and families wouldnt so easily be biracial if there was no adoption and gay people need this right just as much as we do
  3. i completely and totally think that they should. If you are gay, you are still a person, in turn to that, (i am strait dont get me wrong) but should straight people be allowed to marry? of COURSE! My brother's girlfriend has 2 mom and she and her sister were both adopted and her moms are great at parenting. My boyfriend's brother is gay, and i think he should be able to marry whoever he wants. It isnt an issue of gay or not, it is an issue of human or not. They are still human and have the same rights as any straight person does we are all the same with different tastes in guys/girls. It
  4. could it be a zit? i get those sometimes or maybe an ingrown hair... it may be something more serious or it might just be one of those two
  5. you can tell a girl likes you if she touches you... playfully slaps or hits u etc... if she plays with her hair... twirls it, puts it up a lot... laughs and giggles at a lot of the things you say even if no one else does... if she sticks her toungue between her teeth... or asks for help. Try to hold eye contact for 2-4 seconds if you can...
  6. thank you all so much for all of your input and help with my problem.
  7. I am only 12 and I have been cutting, scratching, and occasionally burning for the past year. At first, I scratched. I was 11 years old and my best friend ever had just moved halfway accross the country. I didn't know what I was doing except that I saw her doing it and she said it was what she did only once a month and its bad to do. Naturally, being the rebel I am, I didn't think I would get hurt, so I said Hold on a second. I tried it, counting each time up and down up and down up and down. I didn't know it was self injury until last month when I did a school report on it. I started o
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