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  1. I actually did give it to her this weekend, and she couldnt stop smiling/laughing ect... I'm sure a lot of it was in the way I said it.... i didnt try to make it too serious, because as you can see, I'm not much of a writter... but I just tried to include a couple things that we did together and she seemed to really like it
  2. Ok, well to preface this a bit, it isn't meant to be like... really deep and hidden symbolism and stuff... I mean it as kind of a cute little poem I wrote up tonight, and will be reading it to my LD girlfriend who I havent seen in a couple weeks... anyways, here it is!!! Dear Elizabeth, I have never had a dream come true, until the day that I met you. You’re all I think about day and night, All I want is to cuddle up, and hold you tight. The girl of dreams, I know this for sure, Started in your car, listening to the Cure. “Just like Heaven” the singer says Thoughts of us together, rush to my head. Our first night together spent stargazing, I knew that this girl was going to be amazing. Driving around town with no destination Weeks later, lost in a subway station Thinking back on the New York trip it was the best That was the time I realized I truly was blessed Making wishes in the fountain I still remember mine, Hoping that our lives would always intertwine. Spending our nights together at the Star Bar, Knowing that you would never be far Your smile makes my heart skip a beat Being in love with you makes me complete. These days now alone break my heart I pray for the time that we will never be apart. You say we’re Love Cats and I do believe And now that we’re together, I don’t ever want to leave. Elizabeth you truly are the greatest girl ever, I want to spend the rest of my life with you forever
  3. no, its really easy to do.. you grab the crotch area of your jeans between your thumb and pointer finger, rotate your hand outwards with your other 3 hands pointed downwards..... i woudl approximate a 55 degree rotation will do the trick.. and tada!!! its gone!! but it will return... it always does....
  4. like flower is saying.. you guys are simply talking realities which is good... it doesnt sound like you are trying to break up with each other? but you both realize that you cant handle a LDR, and are trying to figure out a practical way to fix it..... Makes sense to me, I hope it works out
  5. ya, probably pulled his jeans out a bit, and it goes verticle kind of like a jet airplane... vvvrrooomm (thats more a car noise but w/e)
  6. Yep, like the other posters said.. he needs to make a choice.. good luck!!
  7. I assumed your GF wasnt revisiting a specific ex's interests? but rather many relationships that she was in? or with guy friends?? If its with one specific relationships, i might worry a bit...
  8. lol, i like how the canadian suggests a hockey game But ya, you should stop letting her pick all the activities!!!!!!!! If you want to do stuff, DO IT!!!!! She probably had fun doing those things with other people, so wants to do them with you
  9. honeslty I have trouble adding to this list since 1 and 3 cover major aspects of flirting.... In my eyes being too specific with your flirting technique just makes it come off very mechanically.... I guess when you first meet someone you really need to be DIFFRENT than others... but it needs to be subtly diffrent... Because if you are TOO diffrent, you will be seen as weird... I guess its a thin line that you have to walk between being too diffrent, and just another face..
  10. 1 and 3 are VERY good.. 2 I'm a bit skeptical on, but than again, I'm not a big "tickling" sort of guy
  11. aight, well than just ask him to do something with you!!! grab a coffee or something, go to a bar~ I wouldn't worry about if he knows you like him or not, if he is shy, the only way that you will be able to break past that is to be assertive.. if he says he cant go or makes some lame excuse, than o well!! (just make sure you get your stuff back )
  12. agreed... my insult detector is NOT activating!!! you're safe!!!! It sounds like she was just saying that you always look happy in your pictures~
  13. lol, I like the "What I really hope it isnt is that he thinks I like him..." Umm... he probably is just shy, how old are you? Because that will give me some ideas of what to do!!!
  14. hmm... well I'm not sure if this helps.. since its kind of specific... but if you get nervous about people staring at you and such, and you wear glasses or contacts, it (seems to) help if you take them out.. since you cant see anyone looking at you.. of course if you cant see at all I don't really recommend this.. lol.... Also what is your main concern? that you will screw up? forget what you are going to say? Try to analyze what exactly is making you so worried... than think about ways to avoid it from happening... For Example.. if you are worried that you will forget part of your speech, just have really good notecards with you, or REALLY work at your speechs to make sure you have them down...... I dunno, what part makes you nervous?!
  15. hmm... this doesn't sound too healthy at all..... seems like a little common couple violence which isn't good, but happens alot.... I think this relationship is kind of breaking at the seams... you paint this picture in your first post about how he treats you badly and you wish that he would just leave when he says he will..... but than you respond with the fact that it is actually all YOUR fault!! which is it!?!? Honestly, I don't think you guys are compatible.. and he might of been right in holding off the marriage due to the fact that you both might not "click" anymore..... I would really try to look at your relationship objectivly.... sadly I don't know all the intricate issues between the two of you... however, if you guys fight about everything and make little issues big ones.... I don't see it working out, especially if hes threatening to leave.. I see two paths.... A: You go your separate ways. B: (and I think this one is more interesting to you) Go to couple's counciling.... both of you probably have issues that you need to work out, so counciling WILL help!!!! This route will take alot of dedication on both your parts.. and you have to actually want to fix your problems (which you MUST want to do, or else you wouldn't be here )
  16. ya, i defintely see where you are coming from daligal... I guess this kind of just is making me take a couple steps back... Its just so hard because I really am happy around her (which is rare) and she seems to be happy around me... I'm just so used to girls lieing all the time I guess that the minute someone screws up I just kind of cut them off to avoid what I feel is inevitable pain.... I guess i really dont know where the future of our relationship is.... but I guess I'm not ready for it to end just yet... we'll see if that pays off or not
  17. yea, thats true.. I mean its not like we were IN a relationship.. technically... but I guess we seemed pretty exclusive??? I dunno, its weird, and I'm gonna try to bring it up tonight.. I just can't stand when girls cry
  18. ha, well I was friends with her BEFORE I became friends with the other guy..... We just kind of melded our friend circles together..... And no, I don't make it apparent I want a relationship I guess, and I'm kind of glad I haven't put myself out there completely~
  19. TheFogLifter Hi, thats some of the most offensive stuff I've read on this site. You can't apply logic and reason when talking to women? Thats the most narrow minded view I have ever heard. I don't know what cave you grew up in, but I hate to break the news to you, but more and more women are going to college, getting degrees, and entering the work force... And from personal experience, they are just as logical and reasonable as men are..... The 1800's called... they want their stereotype back
  20. sad day..... well, lets see here... I guess the thing that makes me the sadest about your post is the thought that no one around cares about you... and thats not true at all!!! You seem to have the feeling that everyone has already judged you as second rate, without even getting to know you.. and i don't think thats true at all!! I feel like you need to start trying to get a better view of yourself and figure out what you like about yourself... and that way you can project that onto other people and you wont feel so second rate So I guess I want to know somethings that you really like about yourself~ for me I guess it would be the fact that I can talk to people about anything pretty easily... sooo.. ya.. .try to think up soem good ones for yourself
  21. mmm.... interesting thoughts here.... as for your choice to experience true loneliness.. what exactly are your intentions? did you do it just so you could spend quality time feeling sorry for yourself? Or were you actually looking to find something out there alone? Either way, I'm glad you realized you could survive without having to have a girlfriend!! maybe thats the point!! i dont know!!! But sadly I could never see myself doing this... It does sound interesting though... mmm.....
  22. Well... it looks to me like domestic abuse.... regardless of who was involved.... her hitting you, or you hitting her are both forms of physical abuse, and now that the police are involved, be ready for some sort of results... I don't agree with the "she hit me, so i have a right to hit her"... I know people on this site will jump on the fact that men should never hit women... but I guess I'm an advocate of no one should hit anyone.... however, i understand heat of the moment, things can get a bit crazy... Well, regardless of self-defense, the fact is you struck each other... I guess just stay honest and whatever happens.. happens on a personal note... dont hit women anymore, or else you should expect many more authority problems~
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