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I had reason to believe that my GF was cheating. When I asked her about it she got all pissed and left the AIM converstation. I called her the next day (last Monday), and left a voice mail. She called me back in 5 min saying she could not talk because she was busy, but said she would call me right back. She seemed very happy and like eveything was ok. It is now late Friday night and she has not called me yet. I have tried to call a few times but got nothing. I still love her and don't know what to do? Thanks!

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I see two possibilities here--


She might be cheating...and out with somebody else right now.... OR


She might be very po'd that you (perhaps wrongly) accused her of it, and is simply letting you stew in your own juices.


A hurtful game either way, but the best you can do is NOT take the bait and act desperate. DO ask her why she didn't call you back, but don't be accusatory about it.


Good luck!

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The devil is in the details.


Ok, so her friend posted something and then said it's a joke. But that made you paranoid. So what are these "different things" that point that way? Be as thorough as you can.


In any event, I see two possibilities here. Either she is cheating on you, and you accusing her made her feel very guilty and now she's reacting defensively. Or, she's not cheating and she's rightly angry you would say such a thing.


It's hard to say which is which because I can't tell if your asking her was justified or not.

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Well you see, or her "MySpace", a guy comment "I LOVE YOU", no big deal until, she commented back "I love you to". This would not be a big deal, however she has never said that to be, even why I tell her I love her! Then she backed out of a date becuase she was sick, then I found she went out that night (not with guys but to a dance class thing) and then next day with her girls from school. On our next date she seemed happy and willing to "do stuff", but then 30 min or so into it (the movie of couse lol), she said "I have a head ace". It all just seems like a game! Thanks again.

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the i love you thing... lighten up.

i tell people i love them all the time, so does my girlfriend. but its not that kind of love.

i tell my guy m8s i love them sometimes, its just a friendly thing.

like.. "okays, see you laters, love you"


"haha, byes, heart you always"


so yeh.. dont get upset about the i love you thing.


try talking to her about it!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have never heard of a guy telling his friends that he loves them on a regular basis. Thats cool though I guess.


Anyways, dude, forget about this girl. If she has other dudes that you dont know emailing her s*** like that and shes flaking out on dates with you to do other things, the signs are obvious that she places little importance on you and your relationship. Save yourself the headache and wondering.


Good luck.

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