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Its amazing, i just can't understand it. Recently i have been through a lot, but i am recovering (check my history) and i am getting myself back to normal.

I am a very charming and soulful person, i am not arrogant or imposing. I have struck up friendships with several women, and i always try to be me and not to push them. I know that sounds "cheap" but i dont mean it like that. But something always goes wrong.

I cant understand how women can just not be interested in me! i know that sounds daft, but i am not a bad catch so to speak.

But it feels that im just not "pushing the right buttons". Maybe looks are more important than anything else these days.

I had a near relationship recently, and not that girl has just got engaged out of the blue. My previous 7 year relationship fell apart, and the only other girl I like lives miles away (you know who you are if you read this)

Im just sick of getting passed over and being alone when everywhere you look there are happy couples. Its not fair but perhaps the nice guys really do finish last.

What do you all think? Should I just give up? Am I out of date to what women want? Am I a loser?


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Not really know the details it's hard to say. Maybe you are just trying too hard. You know they say when you aren't looking you meet someone. Maybe instead of focussing on women you need to focus on improving yourself in some way. I really don't know. Sorry it's just hard to get a feel for the probelm or possible problem from your post. Maybe it's not anything you're doing maybe the timing is just off.

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Not everyone is in a couple mate. And not every couple is happy. Keep searching but have other focuses (sp?) in your life as well. A relationship will come along but please don't use this as an excuse for you to be happy.


It is possible to be single and happy, you just have to find the right things to do!


good luck

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Hi Ben,


Where are you hanging out to try and meet girls? Maybe you're not looking in the right places?


I found my husband because fate intervened! The 1st time he walked into a room where I was I fell instantly in love. We lived 45 miles away from each other! We've been married for 13 years!


My advice is to try and make friends with as many people as possible and just have fun. You never know one of your new friends may have a sister!


Take care and get in touch anytime. Hope you're sleeping better than I am!

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