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anyone who thinks they got somthing to share with us about dating from all ages so plz post ill be writing nots on wat is posted here plz do not share your problems on this just advice for the people who confdence dident come naturly(like how i used to be) cuz the more confident u are the better ull be in all areas of ure life and happier

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Sorry Davidsan, i'm a little unsure as to what you mean..


Confidence is definitely a big part of a successful relationship - having confidence in your partner is vital. Without confidence, it's easy to jump to conclusions and assume things which often turn out not to be true..

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Well, in my opinion, there are vital elements to any relationship. I believe the biggest is Trust..


Without trust, no relationship has a hope in hell of surviving. Partners who don't trust each other are prone to easily jumping to incorrect conclusions and often accusing one another falsely.

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Something I've had to work on, and I believe many other people need to work on is re-freaking-lax! Seriously, relax, let things take their course, don't over analyze everything that you said or that your SO (or potential SO) said to you.


No good comes out of worrying over everything, in fact it can cause problems that weren't there to begin with. Relaxing gets rid of needless drama, let's you enjoy the actual relationship more, and helps you to at least fake confidence if you are still working on that.

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Follow your Heart.


Simple, yet so underrated. Too often people let their minds (and certain other "instincts") get in the way. They overthink things. Dating becomes a game in which you are trying to seduce someone, make them attracted to you. It ceases to be about connecting with someone and becomes a matter of meeting goals. Can I get her number? How many numbers can I get? Can I get a second date? How long before we're in bed together?


Or else people overthink things and convince themselves that things will go badly. Thus, it does go badly. They let fear and uncertainty get in the way of what could be a great experience.


In your heart you know what do to, you know what is best. The only thing is to see that you know and decide to follow your heart. Once you stop thinking and trying to come up with the best strategy or what tips to follow, then you are free to simply be you. Believe in yourself and don't do anything that is not you, that doesn't come straight from your heart. This level of sincerity and genuiness is very attractive and will serve you well on dating excursions.

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k i dont have problims like that ino to be my self but im not to good at getting close to the girl like i get to a point after like ive been sorta goin out i never really oficialize stuff cuz i like to sweep em off there feet but i cant get them to be open with me and make sure u realize my age i dunt do any thing phiscal and i dunt want to like marriage or wen im in love with her keep postin

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wat do u guys think of dating ebooks i bileve things in them do work but the only thing they teach u is to become a player but i like how there confidence builders they let out there true you wen u become confident(and yet be shy) wats ure opinion on them?

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If I said my opinion on dating ebooks I'd probably have alot of guys groaning and annoyed with me. You can check down a few topics and see my opinion.


What is your age? That would be a big help.


True confidence can not be learned from a book or from techniques, it must come from within. It's in focusing on your strengths and what makes you unique. Its in seeing that you are a good person with many great qualities with whom any girl would be lucky to go out with. I'm really shy to, yet I think I am pretty confident now. And I have become like this by trying to understand who I am and be comfotable with that. Then you just say that you are who you are, and if others aren't ok with it, so what. People should like you for you. Don't give a thought to what others think.


Dating books (at least most) don't let out the true you, they make you into the same copy of others. The true you is the person who comes out when you are not thinking about what to do or how to connect with people. You just act as you act, be who you are, and are free from distractions.


Sweeping them off their feet.... your already ahead of most. Just build off that. Honestly talk to them. Really listen and try to get to know the person. Ask her questions about herself. Make her feel special. Do that and you'll have girls wanting to be your friend, and maybe even wanting to be more then a friend.

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What's up ShySoul? Very well said. Just to expound on what you guys said...Self assurance. Believing we are worthy of those who we feel are not attainable to us. I know it's obvious but I'm guilty of this 99.9% of the time.


You're also right guys about the books..you have to take the info and apply it to yourself to make it true to your own self.

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shy soul i no wat u think of them but ive never bought one cuz i dunt like the idea of bein a plyer or sany thing but i would never of come to this site or have ever had enoug corage to ask a girl out but now it like second nature and im more open but not as much as i want to be but i get emails from marius panzerrela and hes helped me in more areas of my life then just girls cuz i have a good self image now not that i ever had a real bad one just now im like i dun care wat they think or wat any other guy says cuz i get alot of ull never be able to be more then friends from people but i keep goin cuz i think i love her its the first time ive felt it before and im 13 in grade 8 next year heh and hes made me more of a man well u can think wat ever u want bout him i respect him for wat he gave me a hope from one sentenceit dont matter wat we look like

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You're also write guys about the books..you have to take the info and apply it to yourself to make it true to your own self.


yes that wat i do i dunt do any thing strait from the books i make it in all my own style cuz i shouldent go out with them if they dunt accept me for who i am but the thing bout the books is it lets get noticed by the girls

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Chances are you could write a dating book better then 95% of what's out there. Most of them are designed to tell people what they want to hear so they can sell a product. Following your heart is all you really need to do. It won't lead you wrong.


You'll get noticed by girls without a book, the thing is do you realize you are being noticed? The reason people think these tricks work is because they fool themselves into believing they are making the difference, when in reality you've got all you will ever need and you don't need one bit of advice from any source other then you.


I'll have to check out this guy, chances are he's as bad as everyone else. But never say I'm not willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Though the only person who can help you with confidence is you. And chances are in a few years you'll be mature enough to laugh at the notion of reading any of these things. Chances are you are more of a man before you encountered him then he is himself.


mshollywod: Hey, where have you been? Yes, self assurance is a must.

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