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  1. for some reason i know that an option on most dating sites you can say if they are a christian is important to you and it will narrow it to christians only
  2. crap. i hit the wrong button and lost all i wrote. so as i was saying. if the guys lost interest at hearing your a virgin then what would it matter to tell them. you shouldnt want that kind of guy anyway. and there are plenty of strong valued "attractive" christian guys out there, i am one of them. keep looking. your church would be a good place to check good luck
  3. sooo I have a girlfriend. but this girl I liked before her had a picture with this guy and people were saying that they look cute together and "future whatever in laws" or whatever. I liked her back in july and Ive been with my girlfriend since october. but for some reason Im jealous. am I not over her or what?
  4. nearly all guys are like that. i wouldnt do it, especially in a relationship and it would be really awkward, but its not unusual
  5. After i tell her i love her she mumbles "i love you" does this mean anything? she acts like she does love me and she has said it many times she just... urgh i dont know. thanks
  6. personally - short her - bare narural for guys and even women for that matter is just... gross. eww
  7. i am in a relationship right now, and when i am with her i dont feel as "in love" as i am when i am not with her. im kind of shy i suppose, but its really weird, whats this about? thanks
  8. everything needs balance, were in a pretty serious relationship and i love talking to her more than anything but i am getting really behind in school i dont want to quit talking to her but i also need to be more diligent any advice on my situation? thanks
  9. so I love this girl, I think she loves me back, she says she does anyway, I dont see her that often so I am mostly talking to her on aim. Usually she responds with awww or something of that sort. Today I told her that I loved her like at least 5 times, should i be concerned or cautious about how often I tell her? guys feedback appreciated too thanks
  10. there are 2 girls right now in my life, i like them both, i know they would both say yes if i asked them out. one is really shy who i love, the other is not at all and i really like her. im having a better feeling about the first, but with the whole shy thing, its really awkward when were together. i dont want to turn down either of them, and i dont know how to decide. i would love to have them both, but i know that thats not a good idea.
  11. so were both really shy, in my past relationships the girl hasnt been as shy. i really like her, she really likes me, but whenever were together its like we dont even really recognize eachother. we hardly talk in real life, but she does smile at me ocasionally. are we just shy? i need to quit being such a pansy and make a move. its just awkward, i never feel like its the right time to say anything and i cant really think of anything to say, im starting to feel more comfortable around her but we still dont act the smae way when were on the phone or on aim as we do together. when were together we dont really act passionate about eachother. how can i make a real relationship out of this?
  12. i hear its more intimate(?) to go ahead without asking, but im scared of her not being ready so is it better for the guy to ask if he can kiss you or go ahead and do it?
  13. well, i hadnt seen her in like 3 days, and i wasnt gonna ask her over the phone or myspace lol
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