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story,question,and about talking S*** its long though.

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Alright, heress the story.... well i went to my crushes party... I brought a friend so i wouldnt be intirely alone.. anyways


it was really akward... only like his 2 friends were there and his family... We didnt really talk, but we kept smiling at eachother and he was acting weird as usual... his family really liked me and the card i got him, his dogs really liked me also i kept petting them and he'd call them over they would ingore him he then said "aww star you always like the ladies" in a baby voice looking at me..... We then watched a movie he kept looking at me i saw out of the corner of my eye.


He left the room then came in telling me Greg is coming.. ( I DONT LIKE GREG) and he knows it... we then played basketball outside with everyone... his mom said "too bad you girls didnt bring you bathing suits you could be swimming" my crush then said "we can go skinning dipping... i'm up for it." i just laughed with my friend saying its okay were good.


while playing basketball he kept telling me he smells food... and he said he should take off all his clothes and go to the door and ask for food for the poor... he asked me to do it with him i'm like "uhh lol suuure" hes all "yeah! we should go striking!!!" i just smiled shaking my head... i missed a basketball he just clapped at my misfortune i told him to "bite me" he turned to me saying "when,where and what time?" with a smile on his face...


later more friends showed up... then greg... i ingored him... one of the girls that was there said "we should call that girl steve wants to hook up with wink wink"(steves my crush) the group goes quite and one of my crushs friends looks at my friend and points to her saying "that one?" he then looks at me and points "who the blonde one?... oh steve you want a threesome?" the group around my crush goes quite... but his friend kept looking at me and smiling...


(what do you think that means??)


then that guy greg started talking alot of crap about me... he whispered things while looking me to my crush... my friend caught him and gave him a dirty look....the girl in the group looked at me and said "what??... no way!...HER?!".... then greg saw i was getting pissed off.. he told everyone to go inside so i just left ... but my girlfriend told me that my crush was shaking his head in disbelife at whatever greg was saying to him...


background on greg... he told me he wanted to have sex with me.. my friend told him i would (without my knowledge) later he was asking when we are going to get together... i said were not because i'm not like that... i'm not a one night stand kind of girl... infact im a virgin... i want a relationship not a one night stand... he then told me he understood.. in class he would tell my crush that we had "passion" online i told him there was so F***ing passion and he should shut up. he kept black mailing me with what my friend was saying to him. I told him it wasnt me and hes all oh so it was all a lie yeah i'm not going to believe that....He started to catch on that i had a crush on steve... he would say things like oh heather is flirting with steve... steve why are you flirting with heather?.. ETC. he would also talk crap about me in class to where i would hear it... he would always poke me, i slaped him once after i told him to stop... last time he laid a hand on me... well that basically it.... thanks i'm sorry if this is confusing... lol but please try to help me... thanks.


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