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Some of you may remember my saga, but here is a brief synopsis.


broke NC with ex 2 weeks ago, much to her delight. She always wanted to be friends with me (she broke up with me after 5 yrs together...has BF). I didn't wanty to be friends with her because it hurt. She always sent mixed signals like we would get back together, but in the end she is still with him. Anyways, after breaking NC (I felt I am ready to be a friend...even though I do want her back) we hung out for a couple of hours, got some dinner. It was nice...I think she thinks I may have a GF, but I could be wrong. I nver brought up us or her relationship, it was just catching up. I even said that she could keep in tough and she was happy about that...very happy.


She only seems to get in touch with me latley when she NEEDS something. She asked me to review her resume online, give suggestions. After words she just says "Thanks". Then she asked me my opinion on her cover letter....same exact thing "Thanks"...Then today she emailes to ask for the street name of a park in my home town cause her friend is going there..again...she responds with "Thanks".....this is a girl that would always IM me and just talk to me about rancdom things...even when we were broken up..she always wanted to chat. When I initiated NC a while ago, she was devasted that we couldn't talk and hang out anymore. No she just IM's me or emails me when she needs something and thats all. Some people said she is doing it because she is now comfotable that I am wiling to be frineds, thereforeee she doesn't need to put any effort in or need to worry I won't be around. Maybe that is true, but I don't really believe that. I just find it odd that all of a sudden she is very quick and distant with me after practically being sooooooo Happy that I wanted to be frineds....it is like I think "What's the point? She never calls for anything or IM's or anything unless she needs something. What is the point of a friendship like that? I'd appreciate all different opinions...Thanks!

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If you are getting less from the friendship than you either need or are comfortable with, then just let it go. I suspect you are not really over her romantically, so the chances are that this is not doing you any good anyway, even if she were more giving.

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She still hasn't asked if you have a girlfriend? If she hasn't maybe she doesn't want to know. Probably is now that she knows your friends she doesn't have to wonder about you and knows you'll be there. At least she is contacting you though. I think if you can handle being her friend now then great! Make yourself look as good as possible to her, hang out with new girls, change your image a bit, get a tan, work out and try not to care whether you talk to her or not.


It could be that she doesn't know how to act around you but wants some sort of contact, so it is dumb questions. I think when an individual still has feelings for someone they act weird around them, or talking to them.

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Thanks....Yes..I am not over her. I would still love to be with her, but at the same time I am doing fine without her.


Heloladies...thanks for the input...but I know for a fact that she does care about a friendship...even if she doesn't show it....she values her friendships very High, especially with me...I just don't know why she is acting weird and all.


Settin....I wish that is why she is acting weird...that would be cool if it was because she thought I had a GF, but...I really don't think that is why. But who knows.....I will continue to let her contact me..even if it is only when she needs something.


Any other opinions?

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